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How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous – Tricks To Get Her Back Fast

Need to know how to make your ex girlfriend jealous in an attempt to make her reconsider breaking up with you? Jealously can work wonders in getting your ex girlfriend back you should approach with caution and is it can quickly destroy your last chance to reunite with her.

Let’s examine 3 of the most common techniques used to learn how to make your ex girlfriend jealous without using guilt or manipulation tactics!

1. Planting The Seed – Agree With The Break Up

If you have be desperately trying to make your ex girlfriend reconsider the break up it’s time to stop immediately. Both men and women love confidence and your ex is no different. It’s time to stand up and man up, tell your ex girlfriend you agree with the break up and that you completely understand and respect her decision. Once your ex hears this she will begin to question your sudden chance of heart. Wondering how to make your ex girlfriend jealous when she is not even talking to you? Then you must put this step in place ASAP!

2. No Contact Rule – A Rule That Should Never Be Broken

Step 2 is crucial to learn how to make your ex girlfriend jealous super fast! No break up is ever final. In most cases your ex maybe still having second thoughts if she made the right decision leaving you. Don’t make this time any easier on her but being their on the side lines as her emergency.

Break all communication with your ex girlfriend, no calls, no messages and definitely no emails or social networking sites. If she calls you, ignore her calls and messages for the time being. You want her to begin to ask questions as to why you suddenly want nothing to do with her!

3. Turning The Tables – Make Your Ex Girlfriend Feel Like She Was Dumped!

This step is extremely effective but you must be careful not to go over the top! Your aim here is to make your ex girlfriend see the new you. More importantly she will see the person who she fall in love with. Begin to put a smile on your face, spend time with friends and start doing things that you enjoy. Try to embrace this time and enjoy every minute of it.

When your ex hears about your new lease on life, your sudden change in attitude she will begin to question why you suddenly don’t want anything to do with her. She will begin to feel as if she was the one dumped, at this stage you need to remain focused and stick to your guns.

Chances are that any seconds thoughts she is having will be intensified and you can expect her to make contact. Learning how to make your ex girlfriend jealous is only the first step.

Discover the steps you must take right now to dramatically improve your chances to get back together and win your ex back using a plan so effective your ex will be unable to resist you!

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How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back? Psychological Tricks to Get Her Back to You

To be in a relationship is really a very wonderful feeling. You get to spend time with the person you love and do everything together and you feel as though she is the one for you, then suddenly the break up comes and you are in shock. She says many things as reasons an excuses that this relationship is not going to work out for both of you. So you are in a state of shock and panic and can only think of “how do I get my girlfriend back?”

You start pleading and begging with her that you will change and that things are going to work out. Or worse, you start to threaten her using manipulative ways. This rarely if not never ever works in getting your girlfriend to get back to you. Why? The reason is because these are all “push” factors.

Basically in our human relationships, whenever one person is pushing, the other person will be pulling. Call it a cat and mouse game if you would, but this is really how relationship works. Think about it – have your girlfriend in the past ever became very relaxed in the relationship in a sense where she starts to let go because she knows you will never abandon her? This is because you are constantly in the push mode so she is enjoying the ride and she relaxes. Or have your girlfriend ever suddenly feel tensed and keep asking why you never said “i love you” to her or say you miss her and all that lovey dovey stuff? Chances are all relationships go through this stage where one chases and the other goes cold, and vice versa.

This will be the basis of our psychological strategy on this “how do I get my girlfriend back” guide. Now, so if you are constantly in push mode, you have to press the abort button immediately and switch to pull mode. So what is pull mode? Basically anything that does not show you being needy. The following are a few tested and proven psychological tricks to get your girlfriend to come back to you:-

1) Do not call her at all. However if she calls you, make it short and tell her that you are busy or you are with someone else on the other line.

2) Going to lots of dates.

3) Going clubbing with lots of new friends and more importantly new girls.

4) Call her once in a blue moon to ask her for advice on where to bring a date of yours for dinner. This really will get her mind thinking like crazy.

5) Acting very friendly with her as though nothing happened between you both and sounding really happy.

These are just a few tricks which many of my friends have used and they really do work. What these really do is make your ex girlfriend think – I have just broken up with him, so why is he still so happy? Then her head starts to go into and overdrive mode wondering whether you have found someone new. These are just a few of “how do I get my girlfriend back” tricks.

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Tricks To Get Your Ex Back

Do you still have true feelings with your Ex and want him/her come back to you? Making your Ex fall in love with you again can be not easy but not impossible. First of all, whatever reasons separate you and your Ex, if you can point out clearly these reasons, you can increse your chance of success. So do it now. Then try this smart plan and enjoy your love again.


First: Trust?

If you need to earn your Ex’s trust- then you can slowly start to prove that you can be faithful again.


If you are 100% certain that you really want to get back with your Ex, then you must apologize to your Ex. This is an important first step in the plan to get your Ex to fall in love with you again.


Next: Time!

Your Ex will need time to heal emotionally. They will need time to heal from all the bad feelings, arguments and the memories of the breakup. Try not to push your Ex- just be a good friend right now. Maybe the two of you can take tennis or golf lesions together? OR join a book club?


Try not to be seen as “needy’ during this time. Don’t nag or annoy your Ex. Just being together as friends is your goal during this phase. Soon your plan will work and your Ex will want to start to date you again, more seriously.


Then: Fun!

Go back to when you dressed up for a date, and planned where you were going to go for the evening. If you are meeting as “friends” first, there is no reason not to do something different and a bit more exciting then before, right? Try a wine bar instead of the bowling alley for a change.

Go out and try a new restaurant.


Remember you will need to do something different than you did before to keep all these new feelings strong. Also make sure you have a good plan in place so you can get your Ex to fall in love with you all over again.


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