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How to Get My Girlfriend Back – The Psychological Trick to Get Your Girlfriend Back That Just Works!

Being dumped by your girlfriend is an extremely painful event. I know, because it has happened to me before. If you’ve recently experienced it, I know what you’re going through. You’re probably feeling pretty down. The more that you loved your girlfriend the harder it is going to be for you to function normally. I felt helpless and worst of all, desperate. I just wanted to get my girlfriend back no matter what.

Desperation made me do things that I thought would improve my chances of getting my girlfriend back. For example, I sent her a lot of text messages, when I talked to her I got emotional and begged her to come back. I even found myself saying I was sorry for every little thing I could think of that I thought may have been the reason she broke up with me. I even bought her special gifts and sent them to her. I’ll let you in on a secret, none of this worked. If you try it, you’ll probably see that it won’t work for you either.

To get your girlfriend back as soon as possible, you first have to “go on living without her” for some time. You have to show her, that you aren’t needy, you aren’t desperate, and you can go on with your life. When I first heard of this I thought that it would do no good go get my girlfriend back – it might relieve her to see that I am able to go on with my life. But no – it’s a psychological trick, a mind trick even.

The fact is, human nature dictates that we want what we can’t have. Your girlfriend even when she broke up with you pretty much knew that at any time if she wants you back, she can have you back. This very dynamic is why when you push to get her back it pushes her further away and her pushing away from you is why you want her back even more. This is destructive to your goal of being able to get your girlfriend back.

You just have to go against your natural instincts and forget about her. When you start living your life for yourself you’re sending an unexpected message to her. You’re letting her know you’re not desperate and you don’t need her. Now she’ll want what she can’t have and probably try to pursue you.

To get my ex back, I used a lot of methods utilizing the “make yourself inaccessible” and “invoke your ex’s curiostiy” principles. I did it by following a “complete game plan”.

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How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back? Psychological Tricks to Get Her Back to You

To be in a relationship is really a very wonderful feeling. You get to spend time with the person you love and do everything together and you feel as though she is the one for you, then suddenly the break up comes and you are in shock. She says many things as reasons an excuses that this relationship is not going to work out for both of you. So you are in a state of shock and panic and can only think of “how do I get my girlfriend back?”

You start pleading and begging with her that you will change and that things are going to work out. Or worse, you start to threaten her using manipulative ways. This rarely if not never ever works in getting your girlfriend to get back to you. Why? The reason is because these are all “push” factors.

Basically in our human relationships, whenever one person is pushing, the other person will be pulling. Call it a cat and mouse game if you would, but this is really how relationship works. Think about it – have your girlfriend in the past ever became very relaxed in the relationship in a sense where she starts to let go because she knows you will never abandon her? This is because you are constantly in the push mode so she is enjoying the ride and she relaxes. Or have your girlfriend ever suddenly feel tensed and keep asking why you never said “i love you” to her or say you miss her and all that lovey dovey stuff? Chances are all relationships go through this stage where one chases and the other goes cold, and vice versa.

This will be the basis of our psychological strategy on this “how do I get my girlfriend back” guide. Now, so if you are constantly in push mode, you have to press the abort button immediately and switch to pull mode. So what is pull mode? Basically anything that does not show you being needy. The following are a few tested and proven psychological tricks to get your girlfriend to come back to you:-

1) Do not call her at all. However if she calls you, make it short and tell her that you are busy or you are with someone else on the other line.

2) Going to lots of dates.

3) Going clubbing with lots of new friends and more importantly new girls.

4) Call her once in a blue moon to ask her for advice on where to bring a date of yours for dinner. This really will get her mind thinking like crazy.

5) Acting very friendly with her as though nothing happened between you both and sounding really happy.

These are just a few tricks which many of my friends have used and they really do work. What these really do is make your ex girlfriend think – I have just broken up with him, so why is he still so happy? Then her head starts to go into and overdrive mode wondering whether you have found someone new. These are just a few of “how do I get my girlfriend back” tricks.

Getting back with your ex is not very difficult if you know exactly what to do. Go to for a step by step plan on how do i get my girlfriend back now.

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How to Win Her Back With These Killer Psychological Mind Moves

She’s currently out of your life, but you obviously want her back into it. If you’re wanting to learn how to win her back then my advice is take control with psychological tactics. Some would say using these tactics is borderline immoral. Their opinions don’t count when it comes to getting her back.

You may not realise but we are all subjected to some sort of psychological mind games almost every day. Governments, employers, even our friends and partners. A typical example is the employee of the month. Employers are using psychological mind games to increase production.

Sneakily get her to return your call This is how it goes. We nearly all love receiving letters, as long as they aren’t bills. So you send her a letter telling her how good things are for you right now. And you also say you want to thank her.

By doing this you raise 2 things in her. Curiosity & pride. She’s curious as to why you want to thank her, and then pride kicks in because you’ve thanked her. We all love being thanked. She cannot resist calling you to find out why you thanked her. You say thank you for (the breakup) making you realise it was the right thing.

Of course the real reason for the letter was to get her to call you. If you play this one right you can eventually have her believe she made first contact with you again. See, you never once in the letter asked her to call you. But she did anyway and that was the whole point of the exercise.

I can show you later on where to get an exact blueprint for the actual letter to send. And some other tricks like this.

Play on her good memories By this I mean everyone has memories that are treasured, and these can be used for your advantage. If for instance you know what her all time fav song is, you can use this. Food and smells are good as well.

If she ever comes to your place or calls you (after receiving the letter!). You have the song on in the background just loud enough for her subconscious mind to hear it. Her subconscious then starts to link her favourite song with you, as those are the most recent memories of her hearing the song. Linking her fav song with you then transfers some of the good stuff she feels about the song to you.

Jealous curiosity This is where you start to go out with friends and you make sure you have a great time. But more importantly you engineer it so that she also knows you had a great time.

As long as you aren’t out on a one to one date, which will probably enrage her, you will raise a slight feeling of jealousy in her. She will expect you to be still mourning her but here she finds you out & about enjoying yourself. If it works right she starts to feel that it should be you & her out and not you & your friends.

Those are just a few of the many psychological mind games you can use to win her back. Some people may frown on them but it’s not like you are going to hypnotise her and steal her away. Of course you don’t want to be using them just willy nilly.

You need to be using them as part of an overall master plan to win her back. Without a decent system to follow chances are you will just screw the whole job up.

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How to Win Her Back – With a Few Solid Psychological Tactics

Maybe you’ve recently split up and you want her back. Discover how to win her back with a few psychological tactics. A few people may frown on the use of tactics like these, but who cares what they think. The important thing is to win her back.

Most people are blind to it but we are manipulated almost every day by psychological tactics. Not just our partners and friends, but employers and even the government are at it. Take the employee of the month competition. You don’t win anything other than bragging right but the overall production goes up.

She returns your call without you even asking

It works like this, we love getting letters, don’t we? As long as they aren’t bills! You send her a handwritten note. You tell her how good things are for you right now and that you would like to thank her.

This works in two ways. First she’s curious and then comes the pride. She gets curios about the “thank you” bit, but then the pride takes over when she thinks she must have done something good. Because of these two triggers she will be desperate to discover the reason why you thanked her, so she will call you. You explain the breakup has done you the power of good, so thanks for that.

The real reason you sent the letter is to get her to contact you. Play your cards right here and she will forever think she got back in touch with you. Because in the letter you never asked her to call you. But the letter did its job and she called anyway.

You can get hold of the exact letter to send later. I’ll show you where. There are a few other good tricks like this as well.

Use her favourite memories

We all have treasured memories. You can exploit these memories to your advantage. Favourite songs, foods, smells. They all work as good as each other.

Say she calls you (after she got your letter), you can have her fav song on in the background just loud enough that she hears it. In the back of her mind when she thinks of that song she thinks of the most recent time she heard it, that was on the phone to you. She loves the song. She heard it while on the phone to you. Her subconscious links the nice feelings together.

Curious jealousy

Get your self out with some friends but make sure you are seen to be having a great time. Also make sure that your ex finds out just what a good time you had.

Don’t go out on a 1 to 1 date as this may well scare her off completely. But a friends night out will make her feel a bit jealous as she was left out. She won’t be expecting you out & about having fun so soon. This can work by making her feel she should be part of the fun.

There you have three little psychological tricks to help you to win her back. Yes a few people will look down their nose at using them but they are harmless and no serious damage will be done. But you can’t just jump in and use these tactics without an overall plan.

What you really need is to use them as part of the total game plan to win her back. You can screw the whole game up without a system to follow.

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How You Can Win Her Back.