Do you still have true feelings with your Ex and want him/her come back to you? Making your Ex fall in love with you again can be not easy but not impossible. First of all, whatever reasons separate you and your Ex, if you can point out clearly these reasons, you can increse your chance of success. So do it now. Then try this smart plan and enjoy your love again.

Language of Desires


First: Trust?

If you need to earn your Ex’s trust- then you can slowly start to prove that you can be faithful again.


If you are 100% certain that you really want to get back with your Ex, then you must apologize to your Ex. This is an important first step in the plan to get your Ex to fall in love with you again.


Next: Time!

Your Ex will need time to heal emotionally. They will need time to heal from all the bad feelings, arguments and the memories of the breakup. Try not to push your Ex- just be a good friend right now. Maybe the two of you can take tennis or golf lesions together? OR join a book club?


Try not to be seen as “needy’ during this time. Don’t nag or annoy your Ex. Just being together as friends is your goal during this phase. Soon your plan will work and your Ex will want to start to date you again, more seriously.


Then: Fun!

Go back to when you dressed up for a date, and planned where you were going to go for the evening. If you are meeting as “friends” first, there is no reason not to do something different and a bit more exciting then before, right? Try a wine bar instead of the bowling alley for a change.

Go out and try a new restaurant.


Remember you will need to do something different than you did before to keep all these new feelings strong. Also make sure you have a good plan in place so you can get your Ex to fall in love with you all over again.


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