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How To Make Your Ex Girlfriend Jealous – Tricks To Get Her Back Fast

Need to know how to make your ex girlfriend jealous in an attempt to make her reconsider breaking up with you? Jealously can work wonders in getting your ex girlfriend back you should approach with caution and is it can quickly destroy your last chance to reunite with her.

Let’s examine 3 of the most common techniques used to learn how to make your ex girlfriend jealous without using guilt or manipulation tactics!

1. Planting The Seed – Agree With The Break Up

If you have be desperately trying to make your ex girlfriend reconsider the break up it’s time to stop immediately. Both men and women love confidence and your ex is no different. It’s time to stand up and man up, tell your ex girlfriend you agree with the break up and that you completely understand and respect her decision. Once your ex hears this she will begin to question your sudden chance of heart. Wondering how to make your ex girlfriend jealous when she is not even talking to you? Then you must put this step in place ASAP!

2. No Contact Rule – A Rule That Should Never Be Broken

Step 2 is crucial to learn how to make your ex girlfriend jealous super fast! No break up is ever final. In most cases your ex maybe still having second thoughts if she made the right decision leaving you. Don’t make this time any easier on her but being their on the side lines as her emergency.

Break all communication with your ex girlfriend, no calls, no messages and definitely no emails or social networking sites. If she calls you, ignore her calls and messages for the time being. You want her to begin to ask questions as to why you suddenly want nothing to do with her!

3. Turning The Tables – Make Your Ex Girlfriend Feel Like She Was Dumped!

This step is extremely effective but you must be careful not to go over the top! Your aim here is to make your ex girlfriend see the new you. More importantly she will see the person who she fall in love with. Begin to put a smile on your face, spend time with friends and start doing things that you enjoy. Try to embrace this time and enjoy every minute of it.

When your ex hears about your new lease on life, your sudden change in attitude she will begin to question why you suddenly don’t want anything to do with her. She will begin to feel as if she was the one dumped, at this stage you need to remain focused and stick to your guns.

Chances are that any seconds thoughts she is having will be intensified and you can expect her to make contact. Learning how to make your ex girlfriend jealous is only the first step.

Discover the steps you must take right now to dramatically improve your chances to get back together and win your ex back using a plan so effective your ex will be unable to resist you!

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