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I Broke Up With My Girlfriend and I Miss Her – What to Do When This Is You

If you broke up with your girlfriend and she is always on your mind now there are a few things you need to do, depending on whether you want her back or not.

First of all, it’s hard to let go of feelings for a girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if your relationship was good or bad because there were still strong feelings and shared memories between the two of you that created a bond. If you had a really unhealthy relationship but still can’t stop thinking about her, than that is because you have shared part of your life with this person and you can’t just let go of feelings – even if they are bad!

There are a few ways to go from here. The road you take depends on whether you want your girlfriend back or not.

If you do not want your girlfriend back then you have to work on moving on with your life and accepting that she is your past. You may miss her and think about her sometimes, but you have to remember that she was there to either teach you lessons in life or to help you get through a part of your life; but, she obviously wasn’t the right girl for you or you would want to be with her right now.

On the other hand, if you have realized that the breakup was a mistake and you want your girlfriend back then there are a few steps that you are going to need to take to do so.

Step #1 – Decide whether you want her back because you really love her or if it’s just because you were comfortable with her; Be honest with yourself because your future happiness will be decided out of this answer.

If you find yourself admitting that you just want something comfortable, even though you know the relationship will suck, then avoid getting back together with her and find someone who is going to be comfortable to you and give you a happy relationship.

Step #2 – If you decide you want her back then you have to figure out where the issues in the relationship were and find a way to fix them. If the issues were all on your side (jealousy, scared of commitment, cheating) then you have to work on yourself first before confronting her about wanting her back.

If the issues were on her side then you are going to have to have a plan to assure she deals with her own issues before you get back together.

The point is, if you get back into the relationship without fixing those issues then you are going to be in the exact same relationship you had before, and that relationship ended with unhappiness and a breakup! If you want something healthier then fix the issues.

Step #3 – Get together with your girlfriend and talk about why you want to get back together and how you plan on making the relationship better this time around. If she is on the same page as you, and misses the relationship even a little bit, then you will most likely win her back and be able to start working on the relationship right away. She will respect the fact that you want to make the relationship better and actually have a plan on how to do so.

If she has moved on from the relationship and does not want to get back together then you have to accept that and move on. At least you tried and laid your cards out on the table. You have also become a better person by fixing your own issues and realizing what you want in a relationship. You can take this new information and move forward to find someone who does want to be with you.

It’s natural to miss someone when they are gone. Remember that if you don’t want your girlfriend back then those feelings will work themselves out and become less a part of your life and more a part of your memories.


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I Broke Up With My Girlfriend and I Miss Her – How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Most guys who say to themselves that, “I broke up with my girlfriend and I miss her,” first off all try to find out what went wrong. Was there something that was said or done, that caused the breakup? All kinds of thoughts come to your mind, but one thing is certain, you want her back as soon as possible.

I broke up with my girlfriend and I miss her, what should I do

The biggest mstake that anyone, who wants to get back with their ex girlfriends or boyfriends, can make, is acting desperate and making their move too soon. A breakup is a very emotional issue, that takes time to calm down. Very often both parties are very confused and highly emotional after a breakup. Nobody really knows what may have caused the relationship to end.

So instead of wondering about what happened and what you should do, try to forget about it all and do something completely else. Hang out with your friends, go for a vacation, visit your relatives etc. Basically take some time to cool off and rest. That is the best thing you can do.

This will allow you to figure out the right strategy to get back with her, if you still want to get back with her. You have a much bigger change, if both of you have had some times off. If you still miss her after being apart for several months, then she misses you as well.

You can make some changes to yourself, that will catch your ex girlfriends eye. Play a little hard to get, so she will think about you all the time. Most importantly let her come to you, not the other way around. If you take one step at a time and if you are cool and calm, then everything should be fine for you.

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My Beloved has Left Me, I Miss Her!








Love! This small word accumulates the whole world of someone who has experienced it or is experiencing the same. This very word ‘Love’ seems to be very small in itself, but is a very beautiful feeling all over the universe, but at times this love only becomes a very worst and painful thing for someone who is getting over infidelity or says “I have lost my beloved or my beloved has left me”.


This can be a very painful and heart cracking for a person who has truly and wholeheartedly loved and who feels such things like “I miss her” by only getting her apart for few moments. But this is only the game of life and when such a thing happens we never get to know.

It is very easy for a person to blame his beloved whom he was madly in love after a relationship breaks and say that “my beloved is unfaithful or my beloved is seeing someone else,” but it is not the one-sided game because what being in a relationship means is the fact that two people are involved in it so how can one say: “my beloved is unfaithful” to the other without knowing the reason or the very cause for such happening, such people only see the glass half empty, they can never see the glass half full and only curse and stay painful by saying, ‘I lost my beloved’.

The person should always try to find the type of relationship they shared whether it was only a matter of habit or really there was a strong feeling like love, if so, in such a case never try saying that my beloved is seeing someone else rather just have faith on her else it can never be loved. Secondly, try to figure out where the things went wrong between the two of you, maybe there are some chances for some good to happen, the intimacy between you two, all the time you shared with her, thinking about the relationship, whether it was long run or not. Thus, you may know better before saying lost my beloved as there may be a time to get all things set and you may never get a chance to say I miss her and never try getting over infidelity.


A true relationship never includes the words such as “my beloved is unfaithful”. After figuring out all the reasons, and time you spent together, if you are right, then you may be right by saying that my beloved is seeing someone else or maybe there is some personal issues with her which you need to understand as love is not the name of taking, but giving or maybe you two are not having a perfect relationship and chemistry which forced you to get over infidelity and always remember very bad has a good within itself so never say lost my beloved or my beloved has left me as there may be a silent love prevailing inside you both and may be to save you from something terrible the other has to take such step or maybe to hurt you less after. But just give a single thought over the thing, that whether there was once love between you two. It may be killing her within, but can’t express due to some reasons as it is very easy to show your feeling, but very painful to hide one. As it is very truly said that its better to leave the broken pieces of glass shattered than to hurt our-self by trying to gather it and equally true is the saying that it will hurt no more than you by saying such I miss her or lost my beloved.


The best way is to keep yourself calm and not to panic as it is a good advice for a broken heart to get over a breakup rather than crying and yelling over the things like my beloved is seeing someone else, lost my beloved, my beloved is unfaithful or my beloved broke up. The most painful sentence will be to say I miss her. Always remember that few things in life we lose always come back at the end in unexpected ways and so this will heal all your wounds and pain of saying lost my beloved, my beloved has left me or I miss her. You will always feel her beside you if you remain true.


Always remember that no relationship is perfect in the world and so there may be some kind of understanding gap between the two which forces one getting over infidelity or saying my beloved is seeing someone else. Just have faith and give some time if it comes back, then it was your true love and if not, then it never was yours, just think this. I know it is very painful and killing to say I miss her!!!








What you do when your heart feels my beloved is unfaithful or seeing someone else ( min kæreste har en anden ). Do you always say I miss her or him ( jeg savner hende ham )? Lets find better way for broken hearts.


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How to Make My Ex Girlfriend Miss Me?

Your relationship with your girlfriend has ended. You still have strong feelings for her and hope to find another chance to get back together with her. You want to make her fall back in love with you willingly. How should you make your ex girlfriend miss you and want you back?

You will continue to care and keep in touch with your ex girlfriend when you still have strong feelings for her. By doing this, she will think that your door is still open for her whenever she wants you back. In the end, you become the person who is suffering silently to wait for her return.

What I have for you now is a plan to make your ex girlfriend miss you. Do not meet or call her for a period of time. Although I know this is difficult, but when you do that, she will find it weird and may start to miss your presence when you are not calling her anymore. Out of curiosity, she may just call you instead.

Keep yourself busy and hang out with your friends. Hanging out with your friends will help to occupy your mind from thinking of her. Be happy and make sure that you are also releasing a positive vibe when you are together with your friends because words may spread. She may come to know about your liveliness and confidence from friends which can help to add positive points to your image.

When your ex girlfriend call you, stay cool and do not show out your joy too obviously, take things slowly and keep the topics casual and relax. She will learn to appreciate and treasure you more when she knows that you are the one that she wants to be with.

Play a moderation of hard to get and make your Ex Girlfriend Miss You.

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What Should I Do Now That I Miss My Ex?

Are you feeling the aftermath of a painful relationship break up? I know how you feel, and you are not alone. Unless the relationship was a real mismatch mistake in the first place, missing your ex is a normal part of the break up process.

After my break up, I felt myself wondering if I had missed out on my once chance at true love. It was not just the companionship I missed, it actually went much deeper than that. All day long, all I could think of was that I miss my ex.

When something like this happens a person will try a lot of “knee jerk” reaction fixes trying to get their ex back. Naturally, this is like being in a hole and reaching for a shovel instead of a ladder; you just make things worse.

Maybe what you have been trying has just been pushing him or her further away from you. The first rule of holes is to stop digging. Now is the time to reconsider your tactics.

One of the biggest mistakes I hear about all the time is that someone kept calling their ex and with a blubbering voice repeated over and over the phrases “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I need you” and “I can’t live without you”. Let me tell you, that just will not work unless maybe your ex is a manipulating person who enjoys having control over you.

What most men want and what women find attractive is a person who is in control, confident and content with who they are. Now if that does not describe you, don’t despair, you can work on it.

What I have found to work very well is to take some time away from the relationship rebuilding, give your ex some space and give him or her a chance to miss you. Take this time to do a little self improvement.

Maybe start an exercise program. No, the results will not show to your ex immediately, but a good workout makes me feel better and more confident of myself. And that confidence shows through in body language and how people perceive us.

For gals, maybe splurge a little on yourself at a day spa and get a makeover. You are sure to come out of that looking better, feeling better, and more self confident. Hang out with your friends a little bit – not for a pity party, NO! – but to have some fun and relax.

Push the negative thoughts like “I miss my ex” out of your mind for a while and focus on positive actions that get you feeling better about yourself. Then, if you still feel like getting your ex back, start a new approach from a happy, confident perspective.

You may find that not only does your ex find you more attractive, but others do too. Nothing like having suitors fighting over you, is there?

The first time I felt like I miss my ex I made some mistakes too. But that was a long time ago and I have learned a lot since then.