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My Beloved has Left Me, I Miss Her!








Love! This small word accumulates the whole world of someone who has experienced it or is experiencing the same. This very word ‘Love’ seems to be very small in itself, but is a very beautiful feeling all over the universe, but at times this love only becomes a very worst and painful thing for someone who is getting over infidelity or says “I have lost my beloved or my beloved has left me”.


This can be a very painful and heart cracking for a person who has truly and wholeheartedly loved and who feels such things like “I miss her” by only getting her apart for few moments. But this is only the game of life and when such a thing happens we never get to know.

It is very easy for a person to blame his beloved whom he was madly in love after a relationship breaks and say that “my beloved is unfaithful or my beloved is seeing someone else,” but it is not the one-sided game because what being in a relationship means is the fact that two people are involved in it so how can one say: “my beloved is unfaithful” to the other without knowing the reason or the very cause for such happening, such people only see the glass half empty, they can never see the glass half full and only curse and stay painful by saying, ‘I lost my beloved’.

The person should always try to find the type of relationship they shared whether it was only a matter of habit or really there was a strong feeling like love, if so, in such a case never try saying that my beloved is seeing someone else rather just have faith on her else it can never be loved. Secondly, try to figure out where the things went wrong between the two of you, maybe there are some chances for some good to happen, the intimacy between you two, all the time you shared with her, thinking about the relationship, whether it was long run or not. Thus, you may know better before saying lost my beloved as there may be a time to get all things set and you may never get a chance to say I miss her and never try getting over infidelity.


A true relationship never includes the words such as “my beloved is unfaithful”. After figuring out all the reasons, and time you spent together, if you are right, then you may be right by saying that my beloved is seeing someone else or maybe there is some personal issues with her which you need to understand as love is not the name of taking, but giving or maybe you two are not having a perfect relationship and chemistry which forced you to get over infidelity and always remember very bad has a good within itself so never say lost my beloved or my beloved has left me as there may be a silent love prevailing inside you both and may be to save you from something terrible the other has to take such step or maybe to hurt you less after. But just give a single thought over the thing, that whether there was once love between you two. It may be killing her within, but can’t express due to some reasons as it is very easy to show your feeling, but very painful to hide one. As it is very truly said that its better to leave the broken pieces of glass shattered than to hurt our-self by trying to gather it and equally true is the saying that it will hurt no more than you by saying such I miss her or lost my beloved.


The best way is to keep yourself calm and not to panic as it is a good advice for a broken heart to get over a breakup rather than crying and yelling over the things like my beloved is seeing someone else, lost my beloved, my beloved is unfaithful or my beloved broke up. The most painful sentence will be to say I miss her. Always remember that few things in life we lose always come back at the end in unexpected ways and so this will heal all your wounds and pain of saying lost my beloved, my beloved has left me or I miss her. You will always feel her beside you if you remain true.


Always remember that no relationship is perfect in the world and so there may be some kind of understanding gap between the two which forces one getting over infidelity or saying my beloved is seeing someone else. Just have faith and give some time if it comes back, then it was your true love and if not, then it never was yours, just think this. I know it is very painful and killing to say I miss her!!!








What you do when your heart feels my beloved is unfaithful or seeing someone else ( min kæreste har en anden ). Do you always say I miss her or him ( jeg savner hende ham )? Lets find better way for broken hearts.


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