Your relationship with your girlfriend has ended. You still have strong feelings for her and hope to find another chance to get back together with her. You want to make her fall back in love with you willingly. How should you make your ex girlfriend miss you and want you back?

Language of Desires

You will continue to care and keep in touch with your ex girlfriend when you still have strong feelings for her. By doing this, she will think that your door is still open for her whenever she wants you back. In the end, you become the person who is suffering silently to wait for her return.

What I have for you now is a plan to make your ex girlfriend miss you. Do not meet or call her for a period of time. Although I know this is difficult, but when you do that, she will find it weird and may start to miss your presence when you are not calling her anymore. Out of curiosity, she may just call you instead.

Keep yourself busy and hang out with your friends. Hanging out with your friends will help to occupy your mind from thinking of her. Be happy and make sure that you are also releasing a positive vibe when you are together with your friends because words may spread. She may come to know about your liveliness and confidence from friends which can help to add positive points to your image.

When your ex girlfriend call you, stay cool and do not show out your joy too obviously, take things slowly and keep the topics casual and relax. She will learn to appreciate and treasure you more when she knows that you are the one that she wants to be with.

Play a moderation of hard to get and make your Ex Girlfriend Miss You.

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