If you broke up with your girlfriend and she is always on your mind now there are a few things you need to do, depending on whether you want her back or not.

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First of all, it’s hard to let go of feelings for a girlfriend. It doesn’t matter if your relationship was good or bad because there were still strong feelings and shared memories between the two of you that created a bond. If you had a really unhealthy relationship but still can’t stop thinking about her, than that is because you have shared part of your life with this person and you can’t just let go of feelings – even if they are bad!

There are a few ways to go from here. The road you take depends on whether you want your girlfriend back or not.

If you do not want your girlfriend back then you have to work on moving on with your life and accepting that she is your past. You may miss her and think about her sometimes, but you have to remember that she was there to either teach you lessons in life or to help you get through a part of your life; but, she obviously wasn’t the right girl for you or you would want to be with her right now.

On the other hand, if you have realized that the breakup was a mistake and you want your girlfriend back then there are a few steps that you are going to need to take to do so.

Step #1 – Decide whether you want her back because you really love her or if it’s just because you were comfortable with her; Be honest with yourself because your future happiness will be decided out of this answer.

If you find yourself admitting that you just want something comfortable, even though you know the relationship will suck, then avoid getting back together with her and find someone who is going to be comfortable to you and give you a happy relationship.

Step #2 – If you decide you want her back then you have to figure out where the issues in the relationship were and find a way to fix them. If the issues were all on your side (jealousy, scared of commitment, cheating) then you have to work on yourself first before confronting her about wanting her back.

If the issues were on her side then you are going to have to have a plan to assure she deals with her own issues before you get back together.

The point is, if you get back into the relationship without fixing those issues then you are going to be in the exact same relationship you had before, and that relationship ended with unhappiness and a breakup! If you want something healthier then fix the issues.

Step #3 – Get together with your girlfriend and talk about why you want to get back together and how you plan on making the relationship better this time around. If she is on the same page as you, and misses the relationship even a little bit, then you will most likely win her back and be able to start working on the relationship right away. She will respect the fact that you want to make the relationship better and actually have a plan on how to do so.

If she has moved on from the relationship and does not want to get back together then you have to accept that and move on. At least you tried and laid your cards out on the table. You have also become a better person by fixing your own issues and realizing what you want in a relationship. You can take this new information and move forward to find someone who does want to be with you.

It’s natural to miss someone when they are gone. Remember that if you don’t want your girlfriend back then those feelings will work themselves out and become less a part of your life and more a part of your memories.


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