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How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Like Me Again? Honest Solutions to Regain Your Boyfriend’s Trust

Some lies start small but we eventually end up making more lies to cover up the small ones we have made. Unfortunately aside from the guilty feeling it can bring, it will also eat away the foundation of your relationship. A lot of couples have parted ways because one of them just can’t be honest. If you also do this, it’s time to look at yourself and say, “how can I get my boyfriend to like me again despite all the lies I have said?”

Come clean with the lies you have told him

The first thing you have to do is to go and sit with your boyfriend and tell him the all lies you have made. It is better that he’d hear it straight from your mouth than catching you out in them. Imagine getting a confirmation from a stranger that your girlfriend is a liar. Painful thought isn’t it?

Before you completely lose his trust, tell him of the truths of why have lied and why you need to tell him now. A word of warning though, it is important for him to understand that you are doing this because you really want to change and that you will be honest to him starting from that point.

Regain his trust

Lying can eat away a relationship and it may take some time for him to completely erase the felling that you might be lying. Don’t feel bad if he will ask you if you are telling the truth, it is just a normal response from someone who has been told too many lies.

If you have something to say, then you don’t have to embellish the details. You don’t need to impress your boyfriend since he’d probably still love you for just the way you are. If you feel like you don’t agree with him, you don’t have to tell lies just to please him either. It’s just normal for couples to have their differences.

Sometimes the truth hurts but it is better to hear it rather than be smothered by sweet lies. I know that you don’t want your boyfriend to lie to you either. Be glad that the solution on how I can get my boyfriend to like me again is easy and that you don’t have to lie to get his forgiveness.

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Getting Your Ex Back is Like Poker

Breaking up with somebody is hard but getting them back can be even harder. Everybody knows that at some point in there life they had tried to get back with there ex boyfriend and/or girlfriend. To me trying to get them back is like playing poker you have to know when to make the right move or you can lose it all. You can’t be too aggressive but you can’t back down when you know you are going to win. There are a lot of different things you can do to get them back.

Some things you can do to get them back is that you can just talk to them and see if they want you back, take them out to dinner, spend time with them, and show them that u have changed and that you are ready to take things slow and reconnect with them again. The thing about getting your ex back is that it’s a little bit of hard work because not every time would they go back with you.

I have learned that a lot of the times they just broke up because they couldn’t put up with you any more and no matter what you tell them they will not get back with you because they know you will never change no matter what happens. But the important part is that you keep trying and you never give up because if you love that person they mate just be the one person who you will always need and have in your life.

Always remember that if they don’t want you back there is always somebody else out there that wants you and that will be willing to put up with you no matter what. Everybody has somebody out there for them if you rush it you may end up with the wrong person and never be happy in life.

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How to Tell a Woman You Like Her – 3 Killer Methods to Get Her to Like You Back

The notion of telling a girl you love her is not easy, but what’s more difficult is expressing to her that you want her to love you back. Being emotionally vulnerable is a nightmare to most guys who don’t know how to tell women their real feelings. They’re scared of sounding too cheesy or risking rejection.

If you’ve been worrying over this and you want to learn how to make a woman fall in love with you without acting dumb, you can learn the simple tactics used by seduction experts all over the world to win women over.

3 Surefire Strategies For Expressing Your Feelings to a Girl And Making Her Love You

#1. “Setting the Stage”. Your timing is crucial if you want to open your feelings to a woman. If you don’t set the stage well and simply confess your love out of the blue, you won’t be able to maximize the emotional power of your words. Learn how to recognize when she’s at her most receptive before you go in for the kill.

#2. “Send Signals of Affection”. Women are naturally intuitive, and they can sense a romantic intent if you send signals early. Control your body language and express your feelings for her through your touch, gaze and softly spoken words. The more interested you are about her, the more she can feel it and respond accordingly. 

#3. “Hidden Hypnosis”. If you’re absolutely certain that you cannot tell her straight, there’s a shortcut to making her fall in love with you without embarrassing yourself. Hypnosis is a seduction tool now used by men to make women fall in love.

One method, Fractionation, uses elements of hypnosis to make women emotionally attracted to men. This means if you use this method, your girl will be the one saying she loves you and not the other way around. She will be swept up in an emotional roller coaster while in conversation with you.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning … Fractionation is considered as a ‘dark art’ tactic which is the basis of hypnosis-based seduction, and while controversial, it is known to be one of the most effective tactics ever invented by underground seductionists. It is described in a step-by-step system in the Deadly Seduction Manuscript (

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