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How Can I Get My Boyfriend to Like Me Again? Honest Solutions to Regain Your Boyfriend’s Trust

Some lies start small but we eventually end up making more lies to cover up the small ones we have made. Unfortunately aside from the guilty feeling it can bring, it will also eat away the foundation of your relationship. A lot of couples have parted ways because one of them just can’t be honest. If you also do this, it’s time to look at yourself and say, “how can I get my boyfriend to like me again despite all the lies I have said?”

Come clean with the lies you have told him

The first thing you have to do is to go and sit with your boyfriend and tell him the all lies you have made. It is better that he’d hear it straight from your mouth than catching you out in them. Imagine getting a confirmation from a stranger that your girlfriend is a liar. Painful thought isn’t it?

Before you completely lose his trust, tell him of the truths of why have lied and why you need to tell him now. A word of warning though, it is important for him to understand that you are doing this because you really want to change and that you will be honest to him starting from that point.

Regain his trust

Lying can eat away a relationship and it may take some time for him to completely erase the felling that you might be lying. Don’t feel bad if he will ask you if you are telling the truth, it is just a normal response from someone who has been told too many lies.

If you have something to say, then you don’t have to embellish the details. You don’t need to impress your boyfriend since he’d probably still love you for just the way you are. If you feel like you don’t agree with him, you don’t have to tell lies just to please him either. It’s just normal for couples to have their differences.

Sometimes the truth hurts but it is better to hear it rather than be smothered by sweet lies. I know that you don’t want your boyfriend to lie to you either. Be glad that the solution on how I can get my boyfriend to like me again is easy and that you don’t have to lie to get his forgiveness.

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