Getting Back Together


Getting Your Ex Back is Like Poker

Breaking up with somebody is hard but getting them back can be even harder. Everybody knows that at some point in there life they had tried to get back with there ex boyfriend and/or girlfriend. To me trying to get them back is like playing poker you have to know when to make the right move or you can lose it all. You can’t be too aggressive but you can’t back down when you know you are going to win. There are a lot of different things you can do to get them back.

Some things you can do to get them back is that you can just talk to them and see if they want you back, take them out to dinner, spend time with them, and show them that u have changed and that you are ready to take things slow and reconnect with them again. The thing about getting your ex back is that it’s a little bit of hard work because not every time would they go back with you.

I have learned that a lot of the times they just broke up because they couldn’t put up with you any more and no matter what you tell them they will not get back with you because they know you will never change no matter what happens. But the important part is that you keep trying and you never give up because if you love that person they mate just be the one person who you will always need and have in your life.

Always remember that if they don’t want you back there is always somebody else out there that wants you and that will be willing to put up with you no matter what. Everybody has somebody out there for them if you rush it you may end up with the wrong person and never be happy in life.

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