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How Can I Get My Ex Boyfriend to Come Back to Me? Tactics to Get Your Man Back

Does that question sound familiar? Have you been asking it since you and your man broke up? If you have, you’re certainly not alone. Many women are faced with the same heartbreaking situation. They are deeply and helplessly in love with a man they’re no longer with. Try as they might, they can’t seem to move on or forget him and all they truly want is a future with him. If this sounds like you, take heart. You don’t have to pine for him the rest of your life. There are methods that any woman can use that will help her get her ex boyfriend back.

The first step in any well thought out plan to get your man back is to shelve your emotions, at least when you’re around him. The number one mistake women make when there are trying to win back the love of a man is they let their emotions take control of the situation. It’s easy to do and most of us have been guilty of it at some point after a break up. We’ll call our ex when we’re crying or we’ll send him a rambling email telling him why he’s making the biggest mistake of his life. The irony of this is that if you do either of these things, you’re the one making the biggest mistake of your life. Men don’t deal well with overly emotional women so work hard not to be one. Put on a happy face when you’re around him and sound calm and collected if you talk to him on the phone. Don’t let him see that you’re breaking into a million pieces inside. The more in control you are, the better your chance of getting him back.

You’ve also got to be strong enough to break all contact with him for awhile. Most women really struggle with this suggestion but it can completely change the dynamic of the relationship between you and your ex boyfriend. If you’re always around, he’s never going to have an opportunity to miss you. He’ll sense your presence always. If you disappear for a few weeks you suddenly create a void in his life. It won’t take him long to realize that the void is because of your absence. Although it can be excruciatingly hard to not reach out to him when you want him back, creating some distance will have more of an impact. Within a couple of weeks, he’ll be the one looking to connect with you again.

There are other conscious steps that every woman needs to take if she wants to get her ex boyfriend back. Doing the wrong thing can mean the end of the relationship forever. Find out what you should and shouldn’t be doing from this Helpful Site!

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How to Win Her Back – With a Few Solid Psychological Tactics

Maybe you’ve recently split up and you want her back. Discover how to win her back with a few psychological tactics. A few people may frown on the use of tactics like these, but who cares what they think. The important thing is to win her back.

Most people are blind to it but we are manipulated almost every day by psychological tactics. Not just our partners and friends, but employers and even the government are at it. Take the employee of the month competition. You don’t win anything other than bragging right but the overall production goes up.

She returns your call without you even asking

It works like this, we love getting letters, don’t we? As long as they aren’t bills! You send her a handwritten note. You tell her how good things are for you right now and that you would like to thank her.

This works in two ways. First she’s curious and then comes the pride. She gets curios about the “thank you” bit, but then the pride takes over when she thinks she must have done something good. Because of these two triggers she will be desperate to discover the reason why you thanked her, so she will call you. You explain the breakup has done you the power of good, so thanks for that.

The real reason you sent the letter is to get her to contact you. Play your cards right here and she will forever think she got back in touch with you. Because in the letter you never asked her to call you. But the letter did its job and she called anyway.

You can get hold of the exact letter to send later. I’ll show you where. There are a few other good tricks like this as well.

Use her favourite memories

We all have treasured memories. You can exploit these memories to your advantage. Favourite songs, foods, smells. They all work as good as each other.

Say she calls you (after she got your letter), you can have her fav song on in the background just loud enough that she hears it. In the back of her mind when she thinks of that song she thinks of the most recent time she heard it, that was on the phone to you. She loves the song. She heard it while on the phone to you. Her subconscious links the nice feelings together.

Curious jealousy

Get your self out with some friends but make sure you are seen to be having a great time. Also make sure that your ex finds out just what a good time you had.

Don’t go out on a 1 to 1 date as this may well scare her off completely. But a friends night out will make her feel a bit jealous as she was left out. She won’t be expecting you out & about having fun so soon. This can work by making her feel she should be part of the fun.

There you have three little psychological tricks to help you to win her back. Yes a few people will look down their nose at using them but they are harmless and no serious damage will be done. But you can’t just jump in and use these tactics without an overall plan.

What you really need is to use them as part of the total game plan to win her back. You can screw the whole game up without a system to follow.

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How You Can Win Her Back.