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How to Get Back Your Ex-Girlfriend – Here is the Real Scoop!

If you have recently experienced a breakup with your girlfriend and have been researching advice on how to get back your ex girlfriend, most likely you have come across what is commonly referred to as the “no contact phase.” Many relationship experts recommend this phase because it can be very effective in getting back your ex girlfriend. 

If you have not heard of this technique, here is a brief synopsis. In the period right after a break up, if you are always texting, calling, or chatting online with your ex girlfriend, there is a high probability that she is only getting frustrated and annoyed with you and those negative feelings will simply stack up on each other. This may actually ruin your chance for good! 

The best advice I can give is to wait at least a month, maybe more before you attempt to reconnect with your ex. One suggestion would be to go on a casual no pressure date just to see each other once again. It is vital that you do not appear desperate during this phase, just a chance to reconnect and talk about things that have gone on in your lives since your breakup. Make sure you let enough time pass that your ex girlfriend is willing to do this though.

Hopefully you have followed my previous advice and did some work on yourself emotionally before you take this step. The thinking here is once your ex girlfriend sees and speaks with you; she will be reminded of the things that attracted her to you the first place. If you are successful at implementing this, you can slowly move back toward more intimate actions like subtle touches. 

Being successful at getting your ex girlfriend back really is an art form. Most of the time, guys will rush into things and blow their chance for ever. You are better served by educating yourself as much as possible and reading everything you can on how to get back your ex girlfriend. 

There is a lot of information available on how to get back your ex girlfriend. It can be a little overwhelming at times. As you a reading and educating yourself it is important that you relate everything back to your own personal situation, and once again, don’t be impatient and rush things. 

I know you can’t wait to get her back in your arms again and planning a casual get together can help get those feelings going with her too. Nonverbal body language and great conversation can give you guys the spark you need to get things going all over again. 

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How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend From Another Man – Here Is How To Pull Her Back For Good

How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend From Another Man

When a relationship ends, sometimes, you might still have feelings for your ex. If your ex girlfriend is already seeing another man, what do you think you should do? If you want to win her back, try these steps below, they just might work:

Be better than her boyfriend

Try to be better than her new boyfriend in all aspects. Try to compete with him subtly-be a better dresser, a better listener, a better friend. She might admire you more if she sees that her boyfriend is nothing compared to you-and yes, she might reconsider.

Apologize sincerely

Even though your breakup is not solely because of your fault, apologize still. When stating an apology, don’t just ask for forgiveness, what’s more important is that you mean what you say. And as you have said your apologies, make sure that those mistakes are not repeated in the future. How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend From Another Man

Be friends with her again

Try to rekindle the friendship. Try to make friends without asking for anything in return. Being friends could draw you closer to her world and who knows what she might decide to do after you’ve become friends once more?

Be nice to her new boyfriend

Be a sport and don’t act like a loser. Don’t let her see the pain and desperation you are feeling because she’s off with a new man. If she introduces you to him, greet him and give him a firm handshake.

Stay away from her

Make her wonder why you have coped so easily. Let realize why you’re not talking to her anymore. Make her realize that a day without you is so boring and that she would miss you very much. Your goal should be to make her realize all the things that she will be missing.

Talk to her

Try to be patient and talk to her about your breakup. Find a resolution about your problems and evaluate what could be missing in your relationship. If points out some attitudes that need to be improved, be open to such criticisms. It’s important to understand her more and not judge her at all.

Ask her to come back to you

If she still hasn’t approached you, be the one to come up to her and ask her back. Find out if she feels the same way as you do. If she still loves you, she’ll kiss and make up with you. But if she tells you she’s fine and has moved on, then be man enough to let her go. How To Win Back Your Ex Girlfriend From Another Man

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I Want Revenge on My Ex Boyfriend – Here is a What I Did

I was married less than a year when my husband called me on the phone one day to say he wanted a divorce. No surprise in the use of the phone, he proposed to me that way also. 

Never the less I was shocked. This had been a real life changing experience for me for once I married I moved away to his state, also quit my job to find work in his home town. Moved my daughters to a new school and literally became a Mrs. and forgot me.

I was angry, hurt and ready to kill him I want revenge. It is a frustrating sort of anger one that slowly builds inside till you want to explode. At first I tried the nice way and cooperate with his plan of separation hoping he would change his mind. I watched as he packed his things and moved out.

Now I was left with alone with my girls in a strange town with no friends of mine own, only his family and acquaintances. I knew I had to get out of there and go back home to where I felt safe and loved.

Quickly I packed and moved in spite of the fact, that it was the middle of the school year and I had no job back home. It felt great to at least have some control of my life.

Once back home, I had plenty of time to think of what he did and my anger grew even stronger. I felt I had left something undone that I had not fought for my side. Now that some weeks had gone by, I started to think this would be a good time to take revenge on my ex, he would never see it coming. 

I went over what he loved the most that I could destroy. I imagined traveling back to his hometown he often worked late, so I knew where I could find his car. I could easily sneak into the parking lot and pour red paint on his pretty white car that he loved so much, That would be a sweet revenge on ex.

Better yet for real revenge I could write a letter to his boss accusing him of bribery and theft which would have gotten him fired! Or even calling his mother and lying about physical abuse which would have hurt him and her.

It played over and over in my mind how to do these things and how I would feel after. My girlfriend even volunteered to drive down with me to pull off my revenge on my ex schemes, we had it all planned out.

Then it hit me, what kind of person am I? Do I need revenge in order to move on and feel better about myself? There was nothing wrong with me, I did nothing wrong, it was him who was the idiot. What better revenge on my ex could there be than just completely erase him out of my heart and life. Like he never existed on this planet!

I felt better already knowing I did not have to go to extreme actions to get over him. Hurting him would only prove he meant something to me and that emotion he was not getting ever again. Revenge on my ex would only have hurt me and bring me down for it would not have restored my relationship, one that obviously was not right in the first place.

Yes, revenge on your ex is the first reaction when you are hurt. But if you give yourself time to really think and realize exactly who you will be hurting, it will fade away rather quickly.

Life experiences are only mistakes if you do not learn from them. Now you know to be careful the next time. Take the time to invest in yourself by learning from other couples mistakes. There are plenty of great resource on the internet that will teach you what to look out for and how to build a sold relationship. 

Next time there will be no heartaches and thoughts of revenge for you will know more about yourself and how to have a love that will last forever.

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How To Get A Girlfriend – Here Are The Sure Fire Ways To Get A Girlfriend Extremely Fast

Every adolescent or young adult wants to have a girlfriend to prove to the world that he has arrived. However, in his over enthusiasm he is likely to make some blunders that leave him standing alone while others walk away with the prized catch. If you have been trying to get a girlfriend without any success then follow these three simple tips.

You will first have to learn how to flirt with girls before you try to get a girl friend.

Stand out from the crowd

You will have to make a conscious effort to stand out and get noticed by the girls. This might mean not doing things that all guys do. Do not dress like a rap star and instead be dressed more like a college going young man. Dress smartly and get the attention of girls around you. Once girls begin to notice you it will be far easier to get a girlfriend. However avoid the temptation to act like a clown to stand out in a crowd. A cool attractive demeanor is what you must aim for.

Learn to reciprocate to subtle signals

If a girl catches your eye and she too notices you then give her a smile that will tell her that you are interested in her. Appreciate her beauty with your eyes and show that you are floored by her beauty. Do not stalk her, instead accidentally bump into her and lock your eyes with hers. If possible approach her and get acquainted.

Give her all the attention

Once you get introduced to each other give her all the attention and stop looking at other girls with hungry eyes. You will have to demonstrate your sincerity and devotion to her if you want to get any further. Offer to walk back with her after school or offer to help in completing her assignments. If possible meet her parents and impress them with your good behavior. Whenever you meet her in school or college compliment her clothes, her hair, and her eyes. If possible ask her to go out with you on the weekend or invite her over to your place so that she can meet your parents. Once she knows that you do not have any hidden agenda she will willingly become your girlfriend.

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