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How To Get A Girlfriend – Here Are The Sure Fire Ways To Get A Girlfriend Extremely Fast

Every adolescent or young adult wants to have a girlfriend to prove to the world that he has arrived. However, in his over enthusiasm he is likely to make some blunders that leave him standing alone while others walk away with the prized catch. If you have been trying to get a girlfriend without any success then follow these three simple tips.

You will first have to learn how to flirt with girls before you try to get a girl friend.

Stand out from the crowd

You will have to make a conscious effort to stand out and get noticed by the girls. This might mean not doing things that all guys do. Do not dress like a rap star and instead be dressed more like a college going young man. Dress smartly and get the attention of girls around you. Once girls begin to notice you it will be far easier to get a girlfriend. However avoid the temptation to act like a clown to stand out in a crowd. A cool attractive demeanor is what you must aim for.

Learn to reciprocate to subtle signals

If a girl catches your eye and she too notices you then give her a smile that will tell her that you are interested in her. Appreciate her beauty with your eyes and show that you are floored by her beauty. Do not stalk her, instead accidentally bump into her and lock your eyes with hers. If possible approach her and get acquainted.

Give her all the attention

Once you get introduced to each other give her all the attention and stop looking at other girls with hungry eyes. You will have to demonstrate your sincerity and devotion to her if you want to get any further. Offer to walk back with her after school or offer to help in completing her assignments. If possible meet her parents and impress them with your good behavior. Whenever you meet her in school or college compliment her clothes, her hair, and her eyes. If possible ask her to go out with you on the weekend or invite her over to your place so that she can meet your parents. Once she knows that you do not have any hidden agenda she will willingly become your girlfriend.

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