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I Still Love My Boyfriend Who Dumped Me! How to Get Him Back

“I still love my boyfriend who dumped me.” It’s not easy saying that is it? The feeling of rejection after being dumped is unlike anything else. You feel worthless, confused and just not sure of anything anymore. If the man you loved more than anything doesn’t find you desirable anymore, who would? If you’re like most women struggling with this, you question what went wrong and what you could have done differently to keep the relationship together. Regardless of all the pain the break up has caused you, you may be wishing for another chance with your ex. It’s natural to feel that if you still love him. It’s also possible to make it happen if you’re determined, strong and focused.

Loving someone who dumped you can be very hard. Part of you feels anger and resentment over the fact that they made the conscious decision to end your relationship while the other part of you feels just so lost in love. In order to effectively get your ex back you have to get over the fact that he chose to not be with you. It’s not always easy to do that but if you think about the fact that at the moment of the break up he may just have felt disconnected from you that will help. Relationships have an ebb and flow to them and they are constantly fluid and changing. Perhaps during a low point your boyfriend just felt it wasn’t worth the effort anymore. That certainly doesn’t mean that he can’t love you again, even more than before.

Once you have let go of any negative feelings you are experiencing in relation to your boyfriend dumping you, it’s time to get him back. You’re not going to make that happen by telling him that you’re still crazy for him and that he’d be crazy not to give you a second chance. Reasoning with a man who has dumped you isn’t the route to take.

Men chase after the women that excite them. You know exactly what gets your ex boyfriend all hot and bothered. You know just how to dress to excite him and what to say to make his heart melt. That’s why you’ll spend a bit of time working on gathering up your self confidence so you can knock him off his feet. Plan an outfit that accentuates all your most desirable parts, apply your makeup just the way he likes and then run into him at his favorite coffee shop or restaurant. You’ll wow him and in that instant, you’ll peak his interest again.

Be polite when you do talk and don’t bring up what’s happened in the past. Have a smile on your face and tell him that you’d love to stop and chat but you’re just on your way somewhere. Seeing you in that instant and realizing what he lost will be enough to make him think about you again. It’s a perfect and empowering way to reignite his interest all over again.

If you still love your ex, don’t give up. There are proven methods to get back your ex and to make them love you like never before.

Bad mistakes can ruin your relationship for good. To avoid these fatal mistakes, you need proven steps to get your ex back and keep them. Here are some Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Loves You and learn exactly how to win them back for good.

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Getting Dumped – Is It Too Late To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

When you least expect it, getting dumped can leave you alone with the worst feeling ever. As you retrace the previous days in search of an answer, you come up with no reasons. You and your boyfriend had a great relationship, or so you thought. If you are now stressed and wondering if you can get your ex boyfriend back, I am here to provide you with a resounding yes. Many couples have gone through what you are experiencing right now, and with guidance, have come out the other end stronger and more in love than ever. Follow along and heed these tidbits of advice on what you should do if you want to get your ex boyfriend back.

Be Positive

I know you are probably down in the dumps and depressed. After getting dumped, likely you also are feeling lost and extremely alone; wondering just how you can ever manage to make it on your own. You need to put these feelings, emotions, and thoughts to the side if you plan to get your ex boyfriend back. Not only are they counterproductive to rebuilding a relationship, they are unhealthy for you.

The first thing you need to do is remain positive. While it might seem like the end of the world, it really is not. In the bigger picture, you are a strong person with the ability to go it alone. Things you can do to keep a positive attitude include doing activities that keep your mind on other things, and not on your break up. Treat yourself – it might be a new outfit, a trip out of town to a favorite spot, or a night out with old friends.

A key component to get your ex boyfriend back is to only let them see you happy and in good spirits. This is going to send them for a loop. All along they may have figured you needed them for everything. Now suddenly you are doing just fine without them. This will drive them crazy with curiosity and more importantly put you in the forefront of their thoughts – right where you want to be.

Trust me, being positive does work. It might seem a bit fake in light of getting dumped, but when you are considering a plan to get your ex boyfriend back, it is a necessary step.

The Bigger Picture

Before you can ever get your ex boyfriend back, you really have to know why everything happened. What were the reasons behind getting dumped? Did it seem like one person or the other was at fault? The line of questioning could fill a book, and so the point here is to get a real understanding of why the break up occurred. There could be many reasons why, from a growing distance between you and your ex boyfriend, to a simple misunderstanding.

As best as you can, it is important to look at the big picture from outside your relationship and determine what went wrong. It might be easy to point fingers and place blame, but you know just as well as I do, that no matter how it ended, both you and your ex boyfriend played a part. Put aside the accusations, and look for what has always worked in your relationship, and what components need help and are works in progress.

While these crucial points are not enough to get your ex boyfriend back, they are the start to a method that, with patience, can rebuild your relationship after getting dumped. If you are sure you and your ex boyfriend have a future together, then taking the steps now can ensure your success.

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Getting Him Back After I Dumped Him By Mistake

Getting an ex back is hard in most situations, but it’s especially difficult if you were the one who dumped him. Too often what seems to be isn’t the truth at all. This is the position that Dana found herself in and she had to go about getting an ex back.

Dana’s “friend” Rita told her that her boyfriend Steve had been sleeping with another woman. Without verifying the information or even asking Steve about it, Dana accused him of having an affair. This took Steve by complete surprise because he had no idea what she was talking about and he did a poor job of defending himself. Dana, in her anger, dumped him on the spot.

Dana soon learned that Rita lied for her own jealous, petty reasons. Now Dana was in a quandary. Getting an ex back was important to her, but she also wanted to save face. 

Dana called Steve and told him what had happened. But Steve was angry and had no desire to take her back. Dana had hurt him first of all by not trusting him and not being willing to discuss what she had heard with him.

Getting an ex back took all of Dana creative relationship abilities and much of her patience. 

After a few days, Dana wrote Steve a long letter of apology. She took responsibility for what happened and promised that it would never happen again. She reminded Steve of the good relationship they had and said that she didn’t want to throw all of that away. She told him that the reason she acted the way she did was because she loved him very much and couldn’t stand the thought of his being with another girl. She further told him that the thought of losing him forever was painful.

After Dana mailed the letter, she didn’t bother him with constant texts or phone calls or emails. She thought that getting an ex back after what she had done required that she give Steve his space.

When she did run into Steve, Dana was as nice and friendly as she could be. She worked positive memories into the conversation casually, but she didn’t apologize again. She had told him both in person and in writing that she was sorry. She didn’t think she would make any progress getting her ex back with more of the same. 

Dana got tickets for Steve’s favorite band which was in town for one concert only. She asked him to go with her “just as friends.” In this way, she opened the door to a future relationship without crowding him. 

Getting an ex back after you have behaved badly and dumped him is difficult. Not only do you have the embarrassment of having to apologize, but you almost have to start from scratch again on the relationship. Rebuilding the trust is a key component in this period.

Dana and Steve did eventually get back together. Steve realized that Dana’s outburst was the act of a jealous woman who loved him. He saw it as a mistake that they could both grow from. Their relationship became stronger than ever.   Dana used the right approach to getting an ex back.

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My Lesbian Girlfriend Dumped Me – How Can I Get My Ex Back?

A hard fact of life is that relationships can break down. Most lesbians go through such an experience at least once, and sadly you’ve found yourself in this painful situation. Even though you’ve been dumped, you still care about your ex. Things may look bad, but there is still hope for your relationship if you take the right steps. Here are three critical things you must do if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back.

1. Keep your mouth shut. If there is to be any chance of reconciliation, you must watch your tongue and not speak poorly of your ex-girlfriend to other people. The lesbian community can be small and intertwined. Realize that you just never know who is friends with whom. Anything negative you say about your ex-lover has the potential to get back to her. Gossip spreads quickly!

Reserve your emotional venting for only your very closest friends – people you can absolutely trust to keep your secrets private. With anyone else, be diplomatic and vague about the details of your breakup. Resist the temptation to spill out your sadness and anger to anyone within six feet. Although your listeners may appear sympathetic, complaining about terrible your ex-girlfriend is doesn’t make you look very good either. Don’t say anything that could damage your lover’s reputation. Be pleasant to her friends if you run into them, and don’t ask mutual friends to take sides in the battle. Conduct yourself with class and you will have a better chance of making up with your ex-girlfriend.

2. Avoid places where she is likely to go – temporarily. Depending on your circumstances, this can be difficult, especially if you liked to go out to clubs together or you shared hobbies and activities. You might think it’s not fair to have to change your routines. But staying away from your ex as much as practical serves several purposes.

If you are feeling hurt and angry, seeing her could set off a storm of emotions and lead you to do or say something you’ll regret. The last thing you want is to make a bad situation worse, right? Minimizing contact also gives your ex a chance to feel your absence and even start missing you.

3. Make a plan for getting your ex back. Although you may feel hopeless right now, all is not lost. Many lesbians are able to make up after a separation. Just stay calm and think things through. Believe it or not, there are whole books written on the very topic of winning back your ex-lover. Getting back with an ex is basically a matter of using the right psychological tools in the right order.

Most importantly, having a strategy will help clear your head and make you feel more positive about the future. And that will definitely set you on the right path to a potential reconciliation with the woman you still care about.

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My Girlfriend Just Dumped Me – How To Win Her Back

In almost every mans life, They have had heartbreak when the woman they love suddenly left them. My girlfriend just dumped me, now what should I do is a question so many men ask their friends, family, co-workers every day. So when the woman you love decided to end the relationship, you would like to know if there is anything you can do to change her mind? Yes, you can if you handle your emotions and the situation in the right way, you will be able to win her back.

Now your just sitting around the house and all you can think about is my girlfriend just dumped me, so you think you will call her and beg her to take you back. If this is what you are thinking, do not do this. You will not get your girlfriend back by begging and pleading to her to take you back. You will need to keep your emotions under control and stay clam if you have contact with your girlfriend. At anytime you take to her and you show your emotions, you are just proving to her she was right to leave you. You need to show her you have your emotions in check and you can be a man about the breakup.

Now that my girlfriend just dumped me, I think I will focus on myself, do some things to improve my life. This is what you need to get into your head right now, when your relationship first ends. Your girlfriend expects you to fall apart at the time she breaks up with you, if you do not react in an emotional way and focus on yourself will put her off balance emotionally. If you agree to the breakup and focus on yourself, she will be lost. This will drive her crazy, these are things that you can do to make her want you back.

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