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I’m So Happy I Could Cry I Got My Boyfriend Back

I have been sitting here at the kitchen table with my best girlfriend, Dee, crying and laughing at the same time. Actually both of us are so darn giddy, it’s hilarious. And when we start laughing really, really hard, I almost pee on myself. Oh Gawd! I’ve started giggling again. Hold on a second, I have to stop laughing and then I’ll tell you all about it.

Now let me tell you why we are so giddy. About six months ago my boyfriend dumped me. As you can imagine, I was completely devastated.I thought I was having a heart attack; it hurt so bad. I was so messed up. All I did was cry hour after hour. I couldn’t think, much less try to go to work. You know what I’m saying right?

About 3 days into the worst event of my life, a thought hit me. It was almost like a white hot electrical shock from a huge lightning bolt coming out of the sky and hitting me. I really, really love this guy and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. And the first question that popped into my mind was, “How do I get him back?”

I had already tried to text and call him, but he just plain ignored me. Then I went over to his house and almost got on my knees begging him to take me back. Karl was very gentle, as he explained what was going on with him and then he asked me to leave. And that’s when I blew my top. I just plain lost it. But I did leave.

After getting home I called Dee, bawling my eyes out again and she rushed over; to comfort me and give some much needed advice.

Dee had gone through the same thing with her boyfriend within the last year, so she knew what she was talking about. As we talked she told me how she had done the same things I had and they didn’t work for her either. “O.K.! Then how did you get Michael back?” I asked.

“Listen,” she said. “Lisa, the first thing you have to do is stop acting like a fool. You’re going to have to take your time and figure out what caused Karl to breakup with you. Once we have that figured out we can layout a battle plan to get him back.” And trust me that‘s precisely what we did.

Dee broke out her copy of the “Magic of Making Up” and began to list the things she had used and I was going to have to do to win my ex back:

* Start looking my best, all the time not just part of the time * Determine why Karl and I had fallen in love the first time * Start doing the things that had attracted Karl to me originally * Stop texting, stop calling, stop going to his house

To make a long story short I followed our battle plan and last night Karl asked me to marry him. Oh Gawd! The ring is beautiful. Now you know why I’m so giddy I could cry.

But I have to tell you without Dee and her tips from the Magic of Making Up I would have lost Karl forever. You too can get your ex back with the help of this incredible book, “Magic of Making Up.”

Heartbroken – Could I Get My Ex Boyfriend Back?

Soon after a breakup, most of us tend to think about “Can I get my ex back?” it is a thought that crosses your mind many times during the day. The relationship between each couple is unique, so is the breakup. But certain basic things work the same way in all cases.

Be nice.

This is the one thing which can change your chances at getting him back. be polite and good natured with him. You might think that continually nagging will help you get what you want, but the truth cannot be further way. You want them to think of as a person they like to spend time with. Your bad behavior will remind them again why they want to stay away from you.

Be as pleasant as you can be around him, without actually faking it all. If you have to force yourself considerably to be nice with him, thyen you need to rethink about the whole thing. Why do you want to get back with a person, where you have to be someone you are not?

If being pleasant is not such a pain that you will suddenly feel that all the differences that you had hardly matter. You might find yourself wondering, why you couldn’t have been the same earlier.

The past can not be undone, but do let him know, when you get together again, that you are sorry for taking him for granted. By no means can you expect your boyfriend to admit the same.

Other scenarios that may be formulating in your mind may or may not work out for you. Here are a few that you may be thinking of: Can I get my ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend?

This could be a very tricky situation. Not only will it be hard to get him alone, he will also be focused on the new relationship. You will no longer be a priority but a past that he may want to move away from. You need to be really nice in a situation like this. You need to make him think of why you were together in the first place and that he really misses you.

Can I get my ex boyfriend by trickery?

Even if you can get him back by some way of deception, you can be sure that it will sooner or later affect your relationship negatively. Treachery and dishonesty cannot be the building blocks you want to use. Your efforts will be wasted once he knows about the treachery.

Can I get my boyfriend back by making him jealous?

Yes and no. it may work in some cases, but more often than not it back fires. It may make your ex think that you have already moved on.

When you date someone, with the sole purpose of making your ex jealous, you are not being fair to the other person and to yourself. Go out if it will help you to relax, but devious games help no one in the long run. Honesty will give you a better chance at rekindling the embers of a lost love.

K Huibo used to be heart broken in the relationship crisis with his partner about 3 months ago. He stumbled upon an excellent guide and followed the instructions in it. Now he and his wife are back together and enjoying every moment of their marriage.

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