Getting Back Together


I’m So Happy I Could Cry I Got My Boyfriend Back

I have been sitting here at the kitchen table with my best girlfriend, Dee, crying and laughing at the same time. Actually both of us are so darn giddy, it’s hilarious. And when we start laughing really, really hard, I almost pee on myself. Oh Gawd! I’ve started giggling again. Hold on a second, I have to stop laughing and then I’ll tell you all about it.

Now let me tell you why we are so giddy. About six months ago my boyfriend dumped me. As you can imagine, I was completely devastated.I thought I was having a heart attack; it hurt so bad. I was so messed up. All I did was cry hour after hour. I couldn’t think, much less try to go to work. You know what I’m saying right?

About 3 days into the worst event of my life, a thought hit me. It was almost like a white hot electrical shock from a huge lightning bolt coming out of the sky and hitting me. I really, really love this guy and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. And the first question that popped into my mind was, “How do I get him back?”

I had already tried to text and call him, but he just plain ignored me. Then I went over to his house and almost got on my knees begging him to take me back. Karl was very gentle, as he explained what was going on with him and then he asked me to leave. And that’s when I blew my top. I just plain lost it. But I did leave.

After getting home I called Dee, bawling my eyes out again and she rushed over; to comfort me and give some much needed advice.

Dee had gone through the same thing with her boyfriend within the last year, so she knew what she was talking about. As we talked she told me how she had done the same things I had and they didn’t work for her either. “O.K.! Then how did you get Michael back?” I asked.

“Listen,” she said. “Lisa, the first thing you have to do is stop acting like a fool. You’re going to have to take your time and figure out what caused Karl to breakup with you. Once we have that figured out we can layout a battle plan to get him back.” And trust me that‘s precisely what we did.

Dee broke out her copy of the “Magic of Making Up” and began to list the things she had used and I was going to have to do to win my ex back:

* Start looking my best, all the time not just part of the time * Determine why Karl and I had fallen in love the first time * Start doing the things that had attracted Karl to me originally * Stop texting, stop calling, stop going to his house

To make a long story short I followed our battle plan and last night Karl asked me to marry him. Oh Gawd! The ring is beautiful. Now you know why I’m so giddy I could cry.

But I have to tell you without Dee and her tips from the Magic of Making Up I would have lost Karl forever. You too can get your ex back with the help of this incredible book, “Magic of Making Up.”

How to Keep a Girlfriend Happy

You are trying to learn how to keep a girlfriend happy and satisfied in her relationship with you because you can feel her slipping through your fingers. Here’s how to get your relationship back on track.

For beginners, there is no doubt that breakup pain is the worst type of pain in life. It slams us squarely in the soul. As a result, our self confidence and happiness can get all entangled with our partner so when we are left alone we totally feel terrible. Having said that, breakups happen everyday and get on just fine. so get off the sofa and carry out the following things.

Friendship Is the Key

On way to keep your girlfriend from leaving is to consider trying to be a good friend to your her. Show her that you are considering and understand her feelings. Prove to her that you can be in her presence without starting a confrontation. Make fun of daily life and be flexible to demonstrate to her that you are in control. Being friends is healthy and can help your goal of keeping the relationship strong.

Forgive Her For Her Mistakes

If your girlfriend was the one who was responsible for the riff, then instead of trying to receive a meaningful apology from her, forgive her. You may never forget. This is definitely so if your current trouble is because of cheating. However, you should always try to forgive. Forgiving with your mouth is much easier than forgiving with your heart. You should try to forgive from the bottom of your heart to have real forgiveness. If you want to keep your girlfriend, this strategy can certainly assist you to do it. It will help you to avoid problems in the future, too.

What’s The Problem?

What was the problem that was responsible for the breakup? What was the part you played in it? You should identify the problem or issues in the relationship.

One of the most common problems in how to salvage a relationship is that some think the symptoms of the problem are the problem itself. This is completely not true. You have to identify the root problem. In addition You must determine what role you played in creating that problem. As soon as you can carry this out, you can begin making the needed changes in your own behavior.

Learn how to keep girlfriend with this effective strategy. These are some effective and useful strategies that help others get their ex back after a break up. They are also powerful for keeping a relationship together.