Are you saying “I want to win my ex back” but everything you are doing seems to be pushing your ex further away. Make no mistake, trying to win your ex back requires a different approach than what your emotions are telling you right now. It’s time to try and get your emotions under and adjust you game plan.

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Win My Ex Back – 4 Tips You Need To Read

1. Does My Ex Still Love Me – Yes/No/Maybe?

Love is rarely the reason for a break up. Most will be tormented with the fact they think that their ex no longer loves them. You need to understand that relationships rarely end because of love but it’s problems in your relationship that pushed your ex away. There is a very good chance that your ex still loves you, it’s your relationship that is the problem. With that said you should know that everything else can be mended and repaired.

2. Accept The Break Up And Show Maturity

First step to winning your ex back is to accept that fact that your relationship is over. I know it’s hard but you need to tell your ex that you understand and respect their decision. Only good things can come from this as your ex will see that you not only respecting their feelings but are showing great maturity and strength, the first step to getting your ex back!

Do not become a bitter ex that simply calls, messaging and emails their ex constantly in sheer desperation trying to convince him or her to come back.

3. Complete Honesty – Leave Your Pride At The Door

Avoid using the blame game. Both you and your ex are responsible for the direction of your relationship, you are both to blame and you need to take responsibility for the road your relationship ended on.

You must not apologise for everything profusely, tell your ex that things will be different and desperately try and convince them to give you one more chance. This will only show your ex you are not understanding the real reasons why her or she left and ignoring their feelings and concerns in the process.

4. Make Yourself Irresistible – Rediscover Yourself

Everyone wants what they can’t have and your ex is no different. It’s time to rediscover yourself and the person your ex fell in love with. Try and put a smile on your face but more importantly understand that positivity, confidence and success are attractive features to both men and women. Show your ex you are still the same person they fell in love with by being happy, bubbly and excited about life. This works wonders.

Discover the steps you must take right now to dramatically improve your chances to get back together and learn how to win my ex back using a plan so effective your ex will be unable to resist you.

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