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Break-ups are more often than not the most distressing and disturbing event that could take place in a lifetime. Many go through restless nights, along with that feeling of immense emptiness, guilt, disappointment, and enormous wretchedness on the recent phenomena. Your mind might endlessly wonder on how drastically your relationship was torn apart. Letting go seems almost next to impossible. Then you incessantly ask many questions if there are still ways to reverse the events.


Instead of allowing self-pity deplete whatever is left of your sanity, common sense, and overall well-being, fight it back by equipping yourself with useful tactics on how you can win your ex-lover back, and pull him or her back into your arms where they should be. It’s but natural to feel depressed but don’t consume a lot of time being miserable! Instead find ways to make yourself physically attractive to retrieve the self-confidence you’ve lost! Meditating on the tragic events will only make you weaker and will provide negative thoughts which can lead to vengeance. And trust me, it will only make matters worse because you’ll be acting on instincts, not according to a specific target plan designed to make your ex-lover fall head over heels to you again.


There are two indispensable theories that you must consider carefully: biology and psychology. Physical attraction will provide a very powerful tool since your ex-lover will think that you have indeed moved on and forgot about him or her. Aside from the self-gratification it will provide you, it will make your ex-lover take a second look on how striking and gorgeous you’ve become. As far as mother nature is concerned, that physical chemistry between two persons is something only the two of you will ever have. Benefit from it.


Emotions are deeply connected to the physical attraction each of us encounters. Just as you have slowly learned how to use your more pleasant appearance to promote yourself, learn how to control your former lover’s feelings to win them back. Don’t ever try to win them back by being the first one to open the channels of communication, it will drive them further from you. What you can do is to inform their friends of what’s been going on lately, since they will inform your ex of what’s going on in your life. Once your ex gets the idea that you’ve moved on, it will heighten their sense of insecurity that they’re not included in your life anymore. Sooner or later, they’ll be leaving text messages or asking your friends about you, and wanting to meet up with you.


If you got your ex’s interest about your life, try to work out your magic by pretending not to want them back into your life and that there are other people who interest you more now. That old jealousy tactic almost always instantly gets into anybody’s nerves. You can slowly manipulate your ex’s feeling from there from igniting the old flame you once shared. But well, keeping them in your arms will take some more homework on your part. There are a lot of others who share valuable information on how to get him back. This is a condensed version as a result of diligent research and real life experiences. Trying this out won’t cost a single cent. Think about it guys! Your happiness is of utmost importance, right? Ways instantly gets into anybody’s nerves. You can slowly manipulate your ex’s feeling from there from igniting the old flame you once shared.



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