No matter what the motives for the break up were, your ex is possibly determined not to give you a second chance. That is alright though, with a few tricks & turning on the charm, they will be back in your arms in no time. Many people thing graveling will assist in this situation, but in reality it only makes things worse. If your ex did not find you appealing due to certain factors of your life, more than likely graveling will just make their opinions seem as if they are true.

Language of Desires

Take a minute and think of the motives for the break up. When you have thought of the causes, ask yourself are they worth losing your ex forever. If they are not worth you working on or changing, then the relationship would fail the second time around. The initial thing that should be done when trying to get your ex back, is make the changes in that you feel comfortable with. If you do not feel comfortable making some of the changes your ex might demand, then try seeking for a fresher pond to fish in.

Once you start to make these changes, if you have decided to do so, contact your ex with a brief call to see how they are doing & make an effort to tell them that you hope they have a great morning, afternoon, or night. Keep in contact with them on a regular basis, not saying more than asking them how they have been & telling them the same thing the first phone call consisted of. Once you have kept this up say every three days for a month, then you can move on to approach other aspects of getting your ex back.

Past that month has passed, courteously ask your ex if they would like to go get a cup of coffee or if they would like to catch the next poetry reading. Poetry reading is an example, though you can produce your own atmosphere depending on the things that interest your partner. If some of the things that interested them irritated you, then try to put up with with that irritating interest of theirs. By doing this you will show them that it is not about you, it is what makes them happy that you truly care about. If you choose an activity that the both of you enjoyed together, this will help remind your ex of how pleasurable it was spending time with you, bring back the good days.

This process will differ with genders as ladies are more driven with emotions. The major focus for a man to get his ex-woman back would be on her emotional state. A man needs to demonstrate that he is physically & mentally capable of having a respectable relationship with his ex without having to have her 20/4 7 to himself. For a woman, by taking the time to show your ex that you have changed whatever he has admitted to having a difficulty with, you are bound to get him back in no time.

– Matthew Hughes


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