Getting dumped is never easy and if you have been together with your girlfriend for a long time and you still love her very much, then it is almost unbearable. Right now your emotions are running wild and mostly negative thoughts are on your mind. Certainly you are willing to do everything to get your ex girlfriend back right?

Language of Desires

The dangerous part of getting your ex back is the fact, that you are willing to do everything. This usually means calling your ex girlfriend 100 times a day asking her to take you back. Or even worse you beg and plead her to take you back. Doing stuff like that will not hep you out man.

You need to accept the breakup and walk away. And when i say walk away then i mean not contacting your ex in any way for a few weeks to a month. When she dumped you then she had control. You need to get back the control and you can´t do that by calling, e-mailing, begging or pleading your ex. You have to leave her alone and you need to get back on your feet. You have to be strong and confident.

The key is not to go after your ex girlfriend, she has to come after you. How do you do that? Well, for a start you could find out exactly what caused the breakup. Then you have to do everything you can to eliminate these causes and problems.

There are no shortcuts and be serious about it. You have to become a better man, why would she want you back if you are the same person with the same flaws as before? You have a lot to think about so take your time.

A great way to get positive attention from your ex girlfriend and get her interested in you, is showing her that you can have fun without her. Go out and enjoy life, but this does not mean you should get mindlessly drunk.

And also get a new hobby or get a gym membership to workout and build muscle and burn fat. Find ways to make yourself more attractive to her and let your ex girlfriend come to you.

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