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Did someone shoot you off your horse and relieved you of your duties as your girlfriend’s master? You have probably gone through an experience wherein your girlfriend dumped you in favor of another person. After reading this, you will be walking with your chest out, as you will have discovered How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back in no time at all.

Rule number one – Be composed

Rule number one in the How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back checklist: do not act as if you are desperate. Fold your arms and face up. You are the boss from now on. Avoid desperado antics, like calling your ex’s phone and jamming her message list. If you do this, you will actually be letting the bird out through the chimney. Act tough if you have to, but do not overdo it. Just keep your phone calls few, short and headmaster-like. You do not want to act as if you are missing a cap in your spine! Make Ex Ex Girlfriend

Rule number two – She has to be the one losing out

Hang out with the boys, flirt and talk big. You are not on your knees. Life is good for you. That is exactly what you want to prove to her. Your ex is probably watching you and her friends are very well spying on you by this time. Avoid the starved or malnourished looks people used to rely on to get sympathy. That does not work these days. In fact, spend big if you can, knock yourself out with new home makeovers and furniture.

Give your car a new coat. Consider walking the dog together with a new friend you have just met. According to the How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back manual, this is a way of saying that you have lots of other options.

The aim is to make your ex feel that she will lose out on you if she does not make a decision in your favor and come back. Make Ex Ex Girlfriend

Can’t get over your ex? Regret what you have done?

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