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How to Win Your Wife Back – 3 Easy Steps on How to Win Your Wife Back

If you have recently suffered a break up or are separated with your wife, you may be asking yourself, “How Can I Win My Wife Back?” You may want her back right now, which is ok; most people who suffer a break up feel the same, so you’re not alone.

You may be finding yourself in an emotionally depressed and lonely state, and wondering what exactly to do. You then feel the urge to call your wife, but with emotions running high, this can make things a lot worse than they are and even push her further away from you.

However, what you should be doing is the total opposite of how you are feeling. Do you feel like calling your wife? Don’t call her just yet. Do you feel like staying inside all day feeling sorry for yourself? Whatever you do, don’t stay indoors, go outdoors and start to socialize!

Instead, follow these 3 Easy Steps on How to Win Your Wife Back. If you follow these, and you will be well on your way to winning your wife back and have in your arms in no time.

Step 1 – How to Win Your Wife Back: Accept the Break Up!

Firstly, you need to accept that the break up is taking place. Tell your wife you are okay with it and then allow the moving on process for both of you to start taking place. When you make this decision, you will eliminate a large amount of stress and tension by everyone involved. This will give you both some time to consider the marriage you have. If your wife realises she still loves you, she will find a way of getting back with you.

Step 2 – How to Win Your Wife Back: Don’t Contact Your Wife!

For now, do not contact your wife. You should cut off communication to allow for some “thinking time”. This may come across as counterproductive, but you are signaling that you are doing just fine and moving on.

This will allow your wife to think about the marriage you both have. It will also allow her to miss you again. When you separate yourself from your wife and to calm yourself, this may be the best time to let her realize how important you were to her.

Step 3 – How to Win Your Wife Back: Plan Ahead to Win Her Back!

Once you have done the first two steps, you should start planning on when you should meet your wife, where you should meet her, and exactly what will be said. You will be in a calmer, stronger state this way once the first two steps are implemented. Once you see her, this will give you an idea on whether your wife still loves you and if there is any chance of you both getting back together and re-igniting that love you both had when you were together.

Did you know there’s no impossible situation? These 3 steps will improve the chances to Win Your Wife Back. But to get your wife back can be more complex. Discover how you can put a plan together and take the correct actions so you can get your wife back and have her back in your arms by clicking here: How to Win Your Wife Back

Can I Get Back Together With My Ex in 3 Steps?

When you and your boyfriend and/or girlfriend break up do you go into an emotionally period that you don’t want to talk to nobody and you don’t even think about going out side. All you do in the house is lie down, watch TV and eat.

I think everybody has but everybody just go through it in there own way. I know that all my friends go through it different. One of my friends every time she breaks up with a boyfriend all she does is go out party and get drunk. What she doesn’t know is that when she wakes up in the morning hey problems are still going to be there. You see what people don’t realize is that no matter how much you drink and party the problem is still there in the back of your mind. Yeah you are getting drunk and for that one moment the problem seem to disappear but when you wake up the next day it will be right there in front of your face again. 

From watching how people deal with a break up and getting back with there ex boyfriend and/or girlfriend, I have learned three different ways of doing it. The most important one is that you never know what is going to happen until you go for it. If it goes the way you planned great, if it doesn’t its still great you have learned a new lesson in life and it can help you out in the future. Now let’s go over the three different ways of going out it.

Step 1– You had time to think that you guys broke up and you are now some what okay with the idea of them not being in your life. This is an important step, simply because it is the hardest thing for anybody to do. It’s simply the fact that you loved, cared, spent a lot of time, or even lived together. It’s a lot of things you have to go through by yourself there is really nobody who can really help you. Yeah there are people who you can talk to and let your feelings out but the most they can do for you is talk to you and give you some advice. They can’t go deep in you can take out the real feelings; the only person who can do that is you and only you.

Step 2-Do you talk to them or not? The real answer is you shouldn’t. You should let him call you, by you doing that he will find out if he and/or she really loves you. That will help with getting back with them because you will know how they really feel and the reason they want to get back with you. If you call you ex too early they won’t really take anything from it, the only thing they may take from it is that you can’t live without them. If you see that it’s been about 2 months and they haven’t called you it’s either because they don’t love you, found somebody else, or they just want to be single. If this happens don’t let it stress you, its part of life. Just know that everything is going to be okay.

Step 3-IF everything goes the way it should, you talked to him on the phone and is setting up a place to meet. Make sure you are the one to pick where you two meet. Do not meet at his house, meet at the movies, mall, downtown, at a restaurant, etc, etc. meeting at places like that will give you a chance to see how he is acting around you. It will also give you a chance to see if he really loves you and is willing to work things out and hop back into another relationship with you.

Now that we have gone over the three steps don’t be scared of breaking up its all a part of life. Just see it as a game and you are trying to win at the end. Just take it a day at a time and work with what you are give.

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How to Win an Ex Girlfriend Back – Follow These 3 Proven Steps If You Want to Get Her Back

Did you just break up with your girlfriend? Are you starting to regret it and want to know how to win an ex girlfriend back? Couples get back together all the time, and you can too if you are armed with the right strategy. Here are 3 proven steps you need to take if you want to learn how to win an ex girlfriend back:

1. Don’t communicate with her for a while

Yeah, your gut is telling you to go over there, get on your knees, beg for forgiveness, and ask her to take you back. You’ve seen it work in the movies, so why can’t it work for you, right? Wrong. Most of the time, this lessens your chances of winning her back. She starts to think that you are desperate and needy, which is a turn-off to most women. So, make sure to not call or text her for at least a couple weeks.

2. Take a day or two to gather your thoughts

Now that you’ve halted contact with her for a while, the next step to how to win an ex girlfriend back is to take a couple days alone to get your thoughts organized. Let go of any anger or bitterness you have toward your girlfriend, these feelings will do nothing but harm your health and they certainly wont do you any good in trying to win her back.

3. Clean yourself up

The third step to how to win an ex girlfriend back is to use this time away from her to get yourself cleaned up. What I mean is, do things that will improve yourself. For example, get a new hairstyle. Go to the gym and lose a few pounds. Definitely eat healthier. Make changes that will be good for you and you know she is going to like.

Now that you’ve had some time away from her, organized your thoughts, and cleaned yourself up, the last step to how to win an ex girlfriend back is to get together with her again and try to restore the relationship. She will already miss you after not seeing you for a while, and your improved look and attitude will make you irresistible to her. However, you need to make sure you go into this encounter with a SOLID PLAN on what you will say and do to win her back. Learn all you need to know to win her back and end your pain and loneliness once and for all at

Steps To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast

If you are actually considering attempting to get your ex-girlfriend back, then you have hope. I have put together five easy steps to succeed. Breaking up might be heartbreaking but don’t stay stuck in this moment. There is a great lesson to be had no matter whose fault it was. Each circumstance has a fix, now it’s down to you to most likely put your heart to it and start to rekindle your damaged relationship back together.

1- If you would like to win your ex-girlfriend back, start by writing her touching letter. Take your time and pour your heart to her. Write how much you care about her and how much you loved the fun times together. Stay clear of writing anything negative, stay as positive as you can.

2- Reach out to her after 2 days by telephone. Ask her if she received your letter and how she is doing. This can let her know you’re still interested in being part of her life. If she doesn’t answer the phone, send her a text and wait for her response. She will appreciate that at least you’re trying.

3- Another important thing you need to make sure is that you’re staying away from other ladies. You do not want to get distracted if you still want to work things out with your ex-girlfriend. Continue stay centered on your ex-girlfriend and positive. If you continue to follow these steps you’re getting closer to winning her heart back.

4- Don’t forget to bring up happy memories when you speak to your ex-girlfriend. If there’s a very important date coming up during your break up send her a pleasant e-card relating to that special date. Make her aware you’re thinking about her without a reason to or send her a thinking about you card in the mail.

5- Continue to stay in touch with your ex-girlfriend. This will show her you’re still curious about her and would like to still work things out. If she only wants to be friends for now until you both work out each other’s differences then you’re at least on a good start. Get on her good side and let her see that you have indeed made some progress on your behalf. Once she starts to see that you are contributing to the relationship, she’s going to start to rekindle things with you too.

These steps helped me get back with my ex-girlfriend. I did not see results immediately, although it was all worth waiting for. Inside 2 weeks we were back together. I wish you the best!

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How Do I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? Top 4 Fool Proof Steps

Getting your ex girlfriend back doesn’t have to be as complicated and difficult as you may have been lead to believe it is. Read on to find out the top 4 fool proof steps to winning her back.

Allow her space. The first step in any breakup is to allow some space. This gives you both time to gather yourselves after the pain of the breakup and re-evaluate the situation. You will be in a much better position with a clear head space to think and make decisions regarding how you should go about the following steps. Each relationship and breakup is different so you need to be in your best decision-making mindset to give yourself the maximum chance at getting your ex girlfriend back.

Get in touch. Don’t be scared, you’ve just spent x amount of time in a relationship getting to know her and what makes her tick so use this to your advantage when you first contact her. If you know she loves text messages then you can send her a text, or maybe she would prefer a hand written gesture? A phone call is probably the best choice in most situations. You can talk about what each of you have been up to, make small talk or even apologize about the situation. Bringing up the issue and apologizing (even if it’s a general apology) can put her at ease and make the conversation flow a bit easier.

Invite her on a group outing. I say group outing because it’s a lot safer than reconnecting after a breakup with a one on one date where things can often be awkward. Being in a group may also relieve the pressure of maintaining an interesting conversation from you. Make sure you’re the one who invites her because it will demonstrate to her that you still care about her. After a couple ‘group outings’ and if things are going well, you may find yourself in a good position to ask her out for a proper ‘catch up date’.

Make her feel good. This is a no-brainer really, I mean who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? You make your ex girlfriend feel good about herself and she will eventually connect the time you spent/spend together with her good feelings. Although you should keep it subtle and in modesty, you are pretty much limited to your creativity on this one. Accomplish making her feel good and it will make your goal of “getting my ex girlfriend back” a heck of a lot easier.

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