You’re distraught, your entire world has caved in and you are feeling all hope is lost of ever making him love you again! Yes, it may seem an impossible situation at this moment but lots of women have been in your shoes and it doesn’t necessarily mean the end. To start with, do you realize it is completely feasible to learn how to make a boyfriend want you back? It’s just a matter of psychology, and psychology is a science that can be learned.

Language of Desires

Possibly the foremost thing I can tell you now is that with the right techniques, 90% of broken relationships can be fixed, doesn’t that make you feel better? Hold on though, do not go dashing off just yet, you should take things gradually and the very first thing to do is unwind. If you’d like to make this guy like you again, you’re going to have to do your homework which begins with listing all probable causes why he may have broken up with you. Perhaps you’d been ignoring his wishes? Perhaps you have stopped caring about your looks?

I may be stating the obvious here but if you wish to make yourself irresistible to him again you need to remember what he was attracted to to begin with. The universal laws of attraction are an enigma. I’m sure you’ll agree there is a large number of things that add up to make an attractive package: The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you smile.

If you want him to change his view of you, the next thing to do is to overcome your feelings. It is vital that he doesn’t see you as an emotional wreck, men can’t cope with that and it is the fastest method to send him heading for the door. You wish to get him to love you again don’t you? So slap on that smile girl – however hard it is to do – have a positive frame of mind and from now on avoid all arguments concerning the break up.

The main question you need answered is how to make him interested in you again? The answer is by personal development – emotionally, intellectually and physically. If you want to become exciting, first you have to become ‘interested’ by taking a study course or finding a new job. Take a long hard look in the mirror, is there room for improvement? If so get yourself along to the gym or join a training class, you won’t just improve your body shape, the serotonins produced will have a positive impact on your well-being. To be that fun loving person again, you need to have fun, so get yourself out with friends and have a good time.

By using these methods you will have started to subconsciously attract him back to you, but this is only the beginning, there are several more things you need to learn in order to get him back!

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