You never wanted to see her leave in the first place. You wanted to work things out, and you wanted to resolve whatever issues had come up in the relationship. For some reason, you were unable to convince her. You were unable to make her want to give things another go, and now, your heart is sinking as it becomes apparent that it might be a little harder than you expected to win your girlfriend back.

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Does that mean that you should just come to the conclusion that it’s hopeless and you should give up altogether?

No, not at all. What you are going through right now is perfectly normal, and you don’t have to feel this way. You can discover how to win back your girlfriend using some “stealth” techniques that are practically guaranteed to turn things around.

Here are some tips on how to win back your girlfriend that will help you to make the turnaround:

1. Give up on trying to convince her to come back to you.

If there is one thing that will get in the way of any hope that there is in winning back your ex girlfriend, it is the drive that men have to try and convince her with logic to come back to them. Hate to be the one to tell you this, but women do not make their relationship and romance decisions based on logic. And you should be thankful that they do not, because let’s face it, there is always a better logical choice out there.

2. Don’t be the jealous ex boyfriend that shows up when she doesn’t want you to.

For some reason, guys will kind of think that surprise visits to their ex girlfriend are a GOOD thing, and you know what? They are not. When you do things like this, you start to rub off like a jealous ex boyfriend, the kind of guy that has to check up on her to make sure that she is not seeing someone else. And if you think that is a good strategy to get her back, you need to think again.

3. Use her emotions as a way to pull her back to you, it makes a lot of difference in what will play out.

Like I said before, logical arguments are not going to make her want to take you back. What you need to do is to use her emotions to bring her back to you. When a woman feels a strong emotional tie to a man, she is less likely to want to leave. You have to know how to trigger this reaction so that you get the right response, because when you do, getting back with her will be easy as pie.


Discover how to win back your girlfriend using “stealth” techniques that work like a charm…

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