Getting back an ex is never an easy thing, but when you really just cannot seem to get him out of your head, then it can seem almost impossible to get him back. It’s mostly due to the fact that you are too close to the situation to really see what works and what does not work. All the while you could be pushing your ex boyfriend back, and not even realize it because you are seeing things from too close of a perspective.

Language of Desires

If you want to get your ex boyfriend to come back to you, then you have to start by getting him to think about you again. And it has to be in a positive way. If you can get him to think about you positively, then the doors are wide open for you to actually win him back and make him want to be with you again.

Here are a few tips on how to win back your ex boyfriend so you don’t have to keep feeling like you do not know what to do:

1. Your ex boyfriend needs to see that you are still confident about yourself.

Breaking up with a guy who you love can do a lot of damage to your confidence level and your self esteem. You need to be able to build it back up, so that he can see that you are still a confident woman. Guys are much more likely to respond to a woman who shows that she can remain confident, so you do not want him to think anything else of you.

2. You need to be able to give your boyfriend a little space.

One of the biggest complaints that women have had about guys and probably will always have is that they don’t seem to want to get as close as you do. And when the relationship is on the breaks, they really want to have their space. You have to let him have his space and think about you as being someone who is not clingy and needy in a relationship. He will appreciate this.

3. You need to have a solid and proven plan in mind on what to do to get him back.

It’s hard to really know what to do every step of the way, and if you feel like he leaves you confused all of the time, you may want to have a proven plan to get him back that you can count on and use to show you the way. That way, you know that you will not unknowingly make some of those mistakes that will end up pushing your ex boyfriend further away from you.

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