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How to Get My Girlfriend Back – Understanding Why I Want Her Back

You are asking everyone you know how to get my girlfriend back. Clearly you want to get her back. But do you understand why you want to get your ex girlfriend back? This isn’t some kind of trick question. Really understanding this is going to be key if you are going to get her back. Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

After a breakup that we didn’t want we almost always want to get her back. But why? Is it because you can’t live without her? Because she’s the best thing that ever happened to you? Because she is your whole life? Because you hate sleeping alone? Because you truly love her?

Knowing exactly what is motivating your desire to get your ex girlfriend back tells you what you need to do. If your reasons are along the lines of “I can’t live without her,” or “She is my whole life,” you might want to hit the brakes. If you think about it rationally (Come on, you’re a guy. It’s what we do.) you know you can indeed live without her. And if she really is your whole life, you need to get a life.

You can stand up on your own two feet like you did before she came along and have a life without her. It is not healthy to be that dependent on someone. And it isn’t good for her either. Unless she has problems of her own, she wants someone who can stand up on his own and be a partner. No women wants a guy who can’t take care of himself.

What about reasons along the line of, “I hate sleeping alone?” Come on man! You can do better than that. She deserves better than to serve as your bed warmer. And you deserve full relationship, not something so shallow.

But if the reason why you’re asking how to get my girlfriend back is truly because you love her, then you’ve got a basis for fighting like hell to get her back.


If you really understand your motivations in wanting to get your ex girlfriend back, and they’re worthy ones, you’re ready to go. All you need is a plan. To see how a proven, time-tested plan can help you get her back, go to and check out this get girlfriend back plan. How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Get Her Back How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Get Her Back Attention: Men Who Want to Win Back… Video Rating: 0 / 5

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