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Getting Your Ex Back – Staying in Touch With Your Ex

This is a question most everyone asks of themselves after their relationships have ended. Should I stay in touch? Should I abide by the no contact rule? There are particular situations where couples who have ended relationships have no choice but to stay in touch with one another. Children or shared finances are two primary reasons why couples have to contact one another after a breakup.

If this is the case with your relationship keep, your interaction with your ex to a minimum while keeping your conversations solely focused on the children or your finances. This will of course prove difficult but you have to remember that your dignity must be contained while avoiding the pity of your ex. Do not allow the interaction between you and your ex to be compromised. Remain focused while getting through your dealings with your ex.

The question of staying in contact or not staying in contact with your ex even with the obvious ties which exist between both of you. More times to none, the ex will suggest maintaining a friendship. Be very careful with this suggestion because you do not want to find yourself on the end of every failed relationship your ex will possibly have in the future. You do not want to become someone who they continually vent their frustrations to. This could prove emotionally unhealthy. Set your boundaries early on after the ending of your relationship. Remain focused on yourself. You should not have to sacrifice your emotional well being during this difficult time in your life.

Never enter into a friendship with your ex as a means to get them back. You will be lying to yourself about the condition of the possible future reconciliation therefore causing possible great emotional pain for yourself in the future.

Forming a friendship with your ex means that both of you have to focus on equality. Ensure that both parties are on the same page referencing expectations. Remain focused that your relationship has ended and more times to none for good reason.

Becoming friends with your ex means that you have to be happy with merely hanging out with them and quite possibly with their new significant others. If the mere thought of this makes you cringe, then do not force yourself to be friends with your ex, at least until you are feeling strong and confident that the relationship is one hundred percent over.

Be honest with yourself. You need to face realistic expectations. Do you sincerely want to be friends with your ex? Do you have a hidden agenda? Are you afraid of letting go of the relationship as a whole? If you are afraid of letting go, you should not remain friends with your ex.

Some couples after failed relationships have remained successfully as friends. This takes a lot of maturity as well as inner strength. If children are involved then it is your duty to remain civil. You do not have to become best friends with your ex; however, you do have to display maturity in dealing with the situation. Keep in mind that children should not be witnessing ill will from you or the ex.

Everyone let’s go after a breakup. This can be an empowerment tool, which links you with the goals you have yourself. If you find that you can indeed be friends with your ex while remaining honest with yourself in your expectations from your ex, you very well might be able to pull this off.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. Actually it is the same for almost all of us. We all derive our self-esteem from good relationships. Losing a lover is one of the most emotionally traumatizing episodes of one’s life. It is quite possible to win your ex back regardless of whether they eloped with someone else or not. But you have to know how. If you want to learn the most effective approach to successful reuniting with your ex visit It has worked for me and it will work for you. Yes, you can get your ex back in your life again.

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