Getting Back Together


How to Get an Ex Back Sooner Rather Than Later

Have you recently gone through a break up? Are you thinking that you don’t really want it to end? Are you trying to figure out how to get an ex back? Well, you are not alone in this event. While most who go through a break up have a tendency to give up entirely, the few, like you, who choose to ride it out and get back together are in a wide open field.

So, you want to know how to get an ex back. The first thing you are going to do is give your ex some space. You are NOT going to call them on the cell phone. You are NOT going to text them endless messages all day long. You are NOT going to leave them voice messages crying and begging them to call you back because it’s an emergency.

A break up is a painful experience. So you are going to let the pain subside BEFORE you make any other decisions about what to do next. So take this time to grieve over the break up. Take the time NOW, to cry the hurt away. Then dry up those tears. This is ok to feel like this. Everyone goes through this. You are not alone.

Once you’ve accepted the break up, and let the pain pass, now you can move on to the next part of how to get an ex back. And that is facing your past issues. Remember, this break up didn’t happen overnight. It grew from something small into something too big for your ex to handle, hence the break up. There had to have been a conversation, something was mentioned at sometime that you didn’t catch.

Think these things over, being honest with yourself. Maybe you were too clingy and in their space too much. Some people don’t care for bold expressions of affection. Could it be you were too insecure, wanting to know where they were all the time or who they were just talking to on the phone? The point being, be honest and be willing to face those flaws and make changes if necessary.

It might be the perfect time now to do something entirely different.

Improve yourself. This will help keep your mind occupied and help you get over the depression that just naturally comes with a break up. Do anything.

Go to the gym, take swimming classes, take up a hobby like pottery, or building models. Go to museums or even take a college course or two. Learn Chess or how to play an instrument. Just get involved in something that will help keep you occupied.

This is a time for self-reflection and determining if an attempt to get an ex back is the right thing for you. While you take these few steps to initially get over the break up, remember what you like most about your ex and ask yourself if they really are worth it. Above all, be honest.