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Astrology and Getting Your Ex Back

Some people believe that they can rely on Astrology in gaining insight on how to get their exes back. Can it really help you get your ex back? I have news for you; this is a load of crap! It does not matter if you are a Virgo or a Sagittarius, no altering of the stars or horoscopes can get your ex back if they no longer want to be with you.

“Madam Matilda” cannot get your ex back

Getting your ex back entails far more than opening up your local newspaper only to read the horoscopes. Getting your ex back entails true, sincere efforts on your part and “Madame Matilda” cannot aid you with this process.

Do you believe in horoscopes?

Horoscopes are so generally written how anyone can truly believe it is aimed at them is beyond me. If it were that, easy to foresee someone’s future then obviously I am in the wrong line of business and there are others who would have followed me down that yellow-brick road of astrological determinations. If getting your ex back was as simple as reading a horoscope, I would not be writing this article.

You must be willing to work for what you want

If you want to get your ex, back get up off your lazy butt and stop reading horoscopes. One cannot merely sit and wait for horoscopes to come true, one must be willing to perform the work which is needed in getting your ex back.

Have you been receiving bad advice?

I was informed years ago to never date my astrological sign, which is Virgo. Silly me, I never did. Since that wonderful advice by an astrologer (sarcasm), I have dated a Sagittarius who was a drunk and a womanizer, an Aries who could only love himself and let us not forget Mr. Pisces, who I still believe to this day is gay. After my failed relationships with every astrological sign but my own which is Virgo, I finally relented and dated a Virgo. My Virgo boyfriend is the best boyfriend I have ever had. Strong yet sweet, handsome but not vain. Intelligent but not full of himself and its obvious “Madam Matilda” was definitely wrong.

Rely on yourself and not “Madam Matilda”

Only two people can mend a broken relationship. You and your ex are the only two people who can perform this venture. Getting your ex back might not be an easy process, you must be prepared for such matters while accepting the challenge, that is, if you truly love them.

Why is getting your ex back so important to you? Because a good relationship is one of the most treasured of human interactions. We all want to be loved. There are the great times together, the shared dreams and visions, the mutual likes and dislikes and more. Great relationships are essential for enjoying a good quality of life. They color everything else around us.

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