It is easy to breakup with someone but it is hard to have him back. There are times when we tend to be swept out by our emotion, only to find out that we will regret our decisions in the end. Take for example the night when you breakup with your ex because you get so pissed with him but after a day or two, the idea to get him back start to linger on your head.

Language of Desires

If you want to have him again, you must remember that the road to reconciliation is never easy but with trust in yourself, you will be able to pass through the challenges successfully. To get him back, you need to do the following:

1. Be the Person whom he wants you for- What is your attitude that he likes the most? Be sure to preserve such attitude so he can realize your worth again. If he is so fond of liking how courageous you are, do not go on acting like a desperate freak just to have him back.
2. Learn your Lessons first- Remember that it is always a two-way street, there won’t be any problem in a relationship which is caused by only one person hence if you hate your ex because he keeps on going out with his friends, try to assess your attitude first. Probably he is doing this because you don’t have enough time for him or it is likely that you are so clingy that he starts to feel suffocated by the relationship. You should address the problem first before playing with the idea of wishing to get him back.
3. Take those fun memories you’ve spent together as a weapon to have him back. This will make him realize how much he is missing without you hence he may crave for the idea of having you again.
4. Talk to him that you are really sorry for the things that you did and if you can get him back, you will see to it that things will be better now. Just be a flat honest about it. Although girls won’t realize this sometimes, but the truth is that boys also crave for honesty and the feeling of being needed.

Above are some tips to get him back, you can use them if you want. In due time, you will reap the harvest of your labor and who knows if you can honestly have him back again?

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