A while ago your ex girlfriend broke up with you but you still love her, and now your emotions have gone off the map. Your confusing thoughts are of trying to get over a person you love, or thinking just how can I get her back. If you want her back, do not give up and let her slip out of your life forever. You can win her back if you work at this problem by using your head not your heart.

Language of Desires

We all let our emotions guide us when confronted with a breakup. When our emotions are in control, and we feel like talking about the breakup, we just ask our ex girlfriend to talk. If our emotions have us feeling sad, we just start crying about the breakup. However, if your goal is to get your ex girlfriend back, you have to get your emotions in control. Just take a step back, put a lot of time and consideration into what you are about to say and do.

You cannot let your ex see or hear about you crying over her breakup with you. If you think you can get your ex girlfriend’s sympathy by showing her your emotions, you are wrong. If you want to make your ex girlfriend uncomfortable, call her on the phone crying about the breakup. She probably will come up with an excuse to end the call and you will likely never hear from her again. If you can keep your emotions in control when you talk to her, she will respect you more, and will want to spend more time with you talking about the breakup.

One last thing to remember when about talking to your ex girlfriend is making sure that the conversation takes place at an appropriate time. I know how hard this will be, but you need to stay away from your ex girlfriend right after the breakup. Your girlfriend was the one that broke up with you. You need to be the one controlling the situation and any contact between the two of you. Do not contact her for a few weeks after the breakup. Let her have some time to miss you and you can get your emotions in check before any contact.

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