There’s all kinds of get him back advice floating around so it’s hard to know exactly what you need to be doing to win back the love of your ex boyfriend. Some advice will tell you to call him incessantly until he gives in and grants you that second chance. Other advice suggests that the quickest way to get a man to come back to you is to flaunt another man in his face. Is jealousy really the answer? The real way to get a man back may surprise you.

Language of Desires

The best piece of get him back advice any woman can take is to accept the end of the relationship. Granted you aren’t accepting it for good, but at the time, when the break up first happens, agree to it. Don’t complain, don’t stomp your feet, don’t yell and don’t try and make him feel guilty. Simply agree to it. If you’ve already been apart for a bit and you’ve been fighting him on it, stop that now. Tell him that you see the value in breaking up and you agree that it’s best for both of you. Doing this one thing will actually instantly reignite your boyfriend’s interest in you.

There’s a good reason this works so well. Whenever a person feels rejected they want to get rid of that feeling. The only way to truly do that is to be accepted again by the other person. Your ex will feel that you are rejecting him if you agree to the break up. He’ll be hurt that you aren’t fighting for him and he’ll wonder if you’ve fallen out of love with him. This will eat at him and it will drive him to want to get back together with you. If you’re going to follow any get him back advice, make it this one.

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