You miss your ex girlfriend. That’s likely something of an understatement, isn’t it? You pine for her and you ache to be with her again. Unfortunately, your break up wasn’t pleasant and you can’t seem to find a way to get past that. You miss her and winning her love back has become your sole focus in life. The problem is that you have little clue as to how to make that a reality. You’ve probably been following your heart in this regard and it’s led you to call her repeatedly begging her to take you back or maybe you’ve been more romantic than that and you’ve been sending her bouquets of roses proclaiming your undying love. As much as these tactics seem brilliant in your mind, in reality they’re more likely to push your girlfriend away more. Getting a woman to want you back is all about showing her that she can’t live without you.

Language of Desires

The first step towards winning her love back is letting go of the past. That means moving past the break up and also accepting that the relationship you two did share doesn’t exist anymore. When a break up occurs, it’s virtually impossible for the couple to fall back into the same old relationship if they do get back together. You have to face the reality that the connection was flawed. Something wasn’t working and that has to be addressed before you have any chance of making it work a second time around. Identify what you believe the reasons for the break up were. Be honest with yourself in terms of this even if it’s painful. Unless you can conquer the problems that you believe contributed to the two of you breaking up, you’re not going to be able to remedy the situation.

Another big part of winning her love back is sharing with her your regrets over what happened. It’s important that you tell her that you recognize your shortcomings within the relationship and that you’re ready, willing and able to make positive changes. Don’t make promises about how you’re a new man. Simply show her that you’re different and that you have learned a great deal from your time with her as well as the break up.

Time really does have a powerful way of helping people heal. If you can find the inner strength and fortitude to step back from your ex girlfriend for a few weeks you’ll completely change the landscape of your relationship. She needs time right now to work through what she’s feeling and it’s important that you afford yourself that same opportunity. It’s highly unlikely that she’ll jump into another man’s arms within this time. Instead, she’ll use the space and distance to fully realize what you two had and what she’s now lost. The old idea that absence makes the heart grow fonder really does exist so use it to your full advantage if winning her love back is important to you.

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