Do you know how to win an ex girlfriend back?  When a woman has left a man, she probably has a good reason. You have to be prepared to battle for her heart if you want to win her back.

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Winning an ex back takes some time and planning. When a woman leaves a man, there is at least in her mind a good reason. Like a battle you have to plan to win her back, but the battle is for the heart.  Where is your relationship at?  Is your relationship at the beginning, middle or the end?  Are you teetering toward the end or is it over?

Your girlfriend may want to start the relationship again and it might be time for a fresh start. Look back at your relationship and try to remember if there were problems that kept on creeping up.  If there are, how can you fix them before you go forward.  A relationship has a beginning, a middle and an end, so the question is are you in the middle and just taking a hiatus or is it really over and you are at the end?

Analyze and decide why you feel so lonely. Is it because she is simply not around you and you need some type of companionship or is it that hole she fills that only she can replace.

Its important that you become needed by her. At one time she really had a need to be with you. Do you remember when she fell in love with you? The things you used to do was centered around her and you were interesting.  The time you spent attracting her back then has come to a stop or your not doing as much. Taking care of yourself was priority, because you wanted to attract her.

Become the person you used to be and see if you become interesting to her again.

Its a good idea to figure out what you are going to say to her after your break up. Picking the wrong words can change the relationship from then on forward. She may have some feelings for you still, harbor them and treat them delicately  Irritating her is not a good idea.

Do you have any good memories of your relationship? If you do then find something to remind her of the good times.  Wear something to get her interested, maybe an article of clothing that reminds her of a happy time. Get together for a lunch time break or a drink.

Try to mirror her words and body language.  If she uses an uncommon word, try to work it into the conversation yourself.  If she places her left hand on her cheek, do the same.  Don’t overdo it or be obvious, but this kind of “mirror imaging” gets you back in sync.

Another way to get her attention or to at least make her feel good is to send her a birthday card or congratulations card on a job well done at work.

By following these seven steps, you should be able to win your ex girlfriend back.  As long as you are still on friendly terms, you can use your friendship to become romantic once more.

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