Relationship breakups are common and it is the attitude and the right strategy which counts if you want to win back your ex.

Language of Desires

When you are in love you tend to become possessive and want your partner to share everything and always account for her actions. This some times causes suffocation in her mind and she starts feeling the pressure in her life.

Sometimes even a small incident or an irrelevant word can spark a fire of doubt or frustration which can end up in a breakup. Many times there might be no big reason for a breakup. You have to understand why such an incident happened and try to rectify it to win back your ex.

Don’t stalk or calling your ex endlessly or troubling her through messages and mails. She needs time and space to think about her decision and her life. Allow her to think and give her time to review her life. Win back your ex by being patient and trying to understanding her emotions.

Many men are very desperate about getting their ex back that they do things which will only increase the woman’s despise. They will try to even date other women just to irritate her or make her feel jealous. They will be ready to even compromise anything to get her back.

It is first very important to understand what made her take such a decision in the first place. Find out why she decided to break up and analyze the situations that lead to such a break up. If there was something wrong that you have done, just apologize and then leave the decision of coming back in her hands. But be very clear as to the kind of right attitude she can expect if at all she decides to come back.

Only time can decide or change her mind and so wait patiently.

If you had shared a true and honest relationship then definitely she will review her life with you and start missing you. She will start feeling lonely and will want to be with you. Now is the time to impress and win back your ex.

It is always best to review your love life once in a while along with your girlfriend. This will reduce the chances of a possible breakup. An open relationship where nothing is kept a secret or taboo is what will bind you more. You need not worry winning your ex back if you are open and transparent at every stage.

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