I want to be the first to congratulate you. If you have found your way to this article then you are willing to do something to change your situation. Most people who go through a breakup will tell anyone who will listen that they will do anything to get back together with their ex. The truth is that most people would rather be miserable and have people feel sorry for them instead of taking some type of action to win them back.

Language of Desires

Making it to this article will not make your ex want you back. You will still have to put in the effort. What have you been trying to do to win back your ex? Calling and texting, emailing, running into them or apologizing and promising them the world? I know that those are the steps that I tried when I was trying to get back together with try fiance. All they accomplished was making her try to avoid me and making me look less attractive to her. Just stopping all those actions was enough to put me in a better situation to win her back.

Stop trying to contact them every chance you have. They will not forget about you and run off and get married if you don’t contact them every single day. You two obviously need some space to sort things out. You also need to realize that there was something flawed in your relationship. It is a hard thing to do. No one wants to look at themselves and figure out what they did the harmed the relationship.

If you can figure out why your relationship went south you will be in a better position to put it back on track. If you can also allow your ex time to herself, you will be in a much better situation as well. Give them some space so that they can miss you. If they start to miss you then there will be two people trying to make your relationship work. That beats you butting your head against a wall.

Are you going to read this and move on, or do you want to know more?