If you feel that you are pushing your ex away instead of getting him back, keep reading. As long as your boyfriend is worth while getting back, you will be happy to hear that your situation is not hopeless. It is best to have a plan that will increase your chances of getting back together and here are some tips to get started.

Language of Desires

To begin with, reading this article will mean that you want to improve your chances of getting him back and it is assumed that you are ready to save your relationship. You now need to be aware of your own actions, especially if you are feeling anxious because this can lead to you acting in a way that can make your ex pull away even more.

Your boyfriend will be pulling away as a natural instinct to this type of pressure. Fighting human nature will only make things worse. More behaviour that will have him running is if you contact your ex too much and possibly try to make him feel sorry for you.

You need to halt all consistant contact with your ex now, if you have been calling, emailing or texting all the time. Don’t push him any further away than he already is by leaving him be and following this strategy instead. A strategic approach is needed now to make him want to come back.

Begin by having absolutely no contact with your ex whatsoever. For this period of time, focus on yourself and what you can do to improve your own life. This is by far the hardest step of this strategy but you will need to stick to the plan to see any results later on.

While you have no contact with your ex, he will start to feel differently towards you, especially since the pressure of you hounding him has lifted.

Once you have had no contact with your ex for some time, he will be put into a position where he can start to miss you.

Remember to keep working alongside human nature because it will only work in your favor. If you follow this strategy properly, it will give your ex boyfriend time to not only miss you but time to think about what he loved most when you where together.

The best way to keep yourself from making contact is to keep yourself busy. Keep yourself far away to remain mysterious to him, rather than smothering him. The chances of getting him to make the first move are high, if you stick to the no contact part of the plan.

Repeating “no contact with ex” will help keep you focused and the no contact rule works well when you have patience.