Language of Desires

Though you are the one wanting your ex even more desperately than he wants you, which should not be areason for you to act like a cheap lady or play cheap with him as he must still retain your dignity no matter what. The fact that you want him back, should not also cause you to forget that when a guy gets a girl cheaply, he does not appreciate or value her instead, he sees the fact that because he got her cheap, she is indeed cheap and he can as well get her again and again. All of your problem can be settle if you know what to do to get my ex boy

Your ex might equally be expecting you to act cheap because he might have gotten the hit that you want him back but, if you respect yourself and stay true to your values, he would value you and value hanging out with you. Some ladies who want their ex back will just throw themselves at him at the slightest opportunity and then they would also agree to his advances without hesitation or resistance. Despite the fact that you both dated before, you still should not throw yourself at him like before. Throwing yourself at him would not make him realize how important he is to you or how badly you want him back.

Before you and your ex broke up or decided to call it a quits, I believe that there must be some habits or attitudes of yours that he did not approve of or that always caused a problem between you two. Well it would be advisable for you to drop those old habits at least for his sake so; you can finally remove every obstacle that would cause a problem. I’m not actually saying that you have bad habits but the point is, if you do have some that your ex complained about, and that always led to quarrels one way or the other, this is the time to let go and to change those habits. Especially if the habits are connectable or if personally you know that these habits are really not right.

Your dropping of old habits is not a sign of weakness but, it is indeed a move that you will take, if you are hell bent on getting your ex back to you. You can actually start by evaluating your past relationship with him and picking out those errors and habits he always complained about. And as you do this, you will observe that there will be a change between you guys and you both can actually come to a mutual understanding without there been any problem, quarrels or fights over old habits.

Also, as you do this, you will be a better person as you will be getting rid of those wrong habits which probably has been a problem for you. Remember that all of these are just to get your man running back to you.

So lady, do not play cheap with your ex for any reason and drop those bad habits which has cause the breakup. to you can much easier if you relax your mind and know what to do to get your ex boyfriend back.



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