Relationships are tough. Sometimes, they work out and other times, they end in heart break. But there are those special times in a person’s life when you feel as if you had let go of a good relationship without trying to work things out. It makes you ask the question whether you have done your best for that person so you could make your relationship work. It might also get you to ask yourself, “what if I want to get my ex back?”

Language of Desires

If you do ask this question, then perhaps you should start evaluating your feelings. Ask yourself why you are thinking about that person all of a sudden. Evaluate your relationship and it would really help if you can talk this out with someone you trust, like a friend or a counsellor. If the statement, “I want to get my ex back” suddenly pops into your head, then there must be a reason and you have to find out.

The next thing that you have to do is to slowly reconnect with your ex. You can’t just jump the gun and say that you want to get back together. This might make your ex put on a defensive wall that you cannot penetrate. It is better to re-establish your friendship. Ask him or her out for coffee. This is a non-invasive way of establishing good communication and this would also give you the confirmation you need whether getting back together is really the best for the two of you.

And lastly, if you’re saying I want to get my ex back, then you have to show some consistency. Be patient in listening to your ex, show him or her that you are ready to go into a relationship again. Establish trust through constant communication and show him or her that you have changed for the better.


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