Question: What can I do to get him back after we broke up?
Answer: It depends why he broke up with you.

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Question: He broke up with me because he said I was smothering him.
Answer: Are you smothering him? Please explain what you’re doing.

We have been together for about three years and everything was going great. Then one day all of sudden he came home from work kind of angry. He looked very mad and I asked him what was wrong. He would not look at me and he said nothing. He said nothing was wrong. He proceeded to go to the bedroom so I followed him. He said he was going to take a shower and was going to go meet a few friends later on in the evening.

I asked him if it was okay if I went with them. He gave me a very loud resounding no. I asked him if all our friends were going to be there and why I couldn’t go with him. He said it was just his friends were getting together and I had no business there. That’s when he blurted it out, “you’re smothering me and I need some space”.

How many of you have gone through a similar scenario? When things seem to be going very smoothly, all of a sudden the relationship just seems to get out of control. The next thing you know he’s gone. You keep asking yourself, “what can I do to get him back.”

Ladies, you need to understand that men are kind of funny. They usually do not express themselves every time something is wrong. It’s usually a situation that starts coming to a boiling point because men usually will not say anything until it has gotten to the point where they can’t stand it.

The one thing about men is that they usually need some space almost all the time. I know that’s kind of hard to understand. But if you are the type of woman that feels that a man should always give you his undivided attention, you’re in for a rude awakening. Once you realize this, the chances are pretty good that you can get him back.

Learning what to do to get him back can be as easy as using some proven and simple common sense techniques. Learning why a man behaves the way he does, is very important to learning how to keep him. Most people believe that the woman is the most complicated one of the species. But, that is not true. A woman wears her emotions on her sleeve, while a man contains it to a point where he becomes unwound. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to get him back. These are proven techniques used throughout the test of time that we as humans have forgotten.

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