When a relationship turns sour, it proves bad for all concerned. Men don’t only need to handle the issue of breaking up, they have to handle their own egos. If you are trying to figure out how to win your ex-girlfriend back, you’ll find it is not most unlikely but it is not a simple task either.

Language of Desires

Never part on bad terms

The sole thing you should never do during breakups is to end the relationship badly. It is difficult to remain civil when feelings are flaring. No matter how nutty or hurt you are , part amicably. If you ever need your past love back, you stand an improved chance of achieving this if you were a gentleman during the breakup. No matter the reason explaining why the relationship finished, you want the door to a reunion to stay open.

Give your old girlfriend space

You don’t need to appear desperate which is the reason why you need to give your past love the space she has requested. Performing extreme measures won’t work and regardless of whether they do work, they are only short lived. No one wants to be with someone who begs and pleads. Give her space but keep your pride intact. It is OK to want to ask and plead but don’t do it.

Do not flood her email mail, phone or her home phone with messages. Don’t drop by her home for a visit and forget going to places the two of you use to frequent together. This is only inviting pain and suffering on your part. Are you able to imagine showing up to a club you and your ex frequented only to view her with another individual? Do not invite that kind of discomfort into your life. Allow her to do what she would like, when she would like and you’ll find that finally, she’ll start getting in touch with you, even if only desiring to be mates.

Giving the love of your life, the space needed permits her to think. You need her mind to start wondering about where you are and whom you may most likely be with. If she contacts you, be polite and kind. Kindness is always appreciated and when she calls or contacts you, this is showing interest in what you are doing.

Be confident not pitiful

Women love confident men. When your ex contacts you, do not tell her your crying spells or how lonely you are. If she asks how you do, inform her you do great and keep it short. Confidence is great but do not overdo it. Do not inform your ex how many dates you’ve been on, in reality don’t let her know anything. Be evasive while showing kindness and this could drive her mad with not knowing what you have been up to.

Show her you have changed for the better

Some of the people will state that a tiger never loses their stripes. I do not believe strongly in this analogy because folk can change. These changes don’t happen over night nevertheless with commitment and self-esteem , people can turn their lives around. It would not hurt to show your old girlfriend that person that she feel crazy about. Show her the new “you” but don’t deter away from the qualities that she loved about you in the first place. The easiest way in how it’s possible to get your ex back is to simply love her for who she’s while loving yourself enough to modify what’s bad inside you.

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