Your world has been turned upside down since you and your girlfriend broke up. It’s hard to focus on anything and you wish that there was some magic spell you could use to erase the problems you two have faced so you could be back together again. Life doesn’t quite work that way but there is a way for you to make her want to be with you again. There are actually several ways to reconcile with your ex girlfriend and they’re all quite simple and straightforward. If you understand what you should be doing, you’ll stand a much better chance of regaining her affection and attention than if you just allowed your heart to dictate your actions.

Language of Desires

One of the ways to reconcile with your ex girlfriend is to apologize before you do anything else. Obviously there were some major conflicts that brought you and your girlfriend to the point of breaking up. Right now you may feel that you have nothing to apologize for but it’s important that you push your ego aside and look at the situation from a place of objectivity. Consider what you did in the relationship that might have upset her or contributed to things falling apart. Then tell her how genuinely sorry you are. Make it sincere and help her to see that you’ve learned from your mistakes and are working hard to change who you were back then. If she senses that you are genuinely trying to improve who you are as a person and a partner, she’ll feel more inclined to give you another chance.

Giving her some time may feel like a horrible idea but it can be one of the best ways to reconcile with an ex. Emotions are at an all time peak in the days following the break up. She’s upset as are you and if you try and get her to consider taking you back right then, it may seem too overwhelming of a prospect for her. Instead of pushing her to talk or asking if you can see her, take a few steps back. Give her some space to sort through her feelings and to reminisce about the relationship and what it meant to her. Often, a bit of time can completely shift a woman’s attitude about the break up. She may feel such a deep longing for you that she’ll be the one calling you to request a meeting to talk about things.

It’s always wise to maintain a supportive and caring demeanour when it comes to your ex girlfriend. Don’t get angry with her or push her away because you don’t feel she’s giving you what you need. Be as understanding as you possibly can be with her. Show her that regardless of whether you two move forward as romantic partners or friends you’ll always be there for her. If she knows that you care for her in that way she’ll feel closer to you immediately.

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