Any relationship is always going to be a give and take situation. If you want your ex boyfriend back then that means for one reason or another you two have broken up. The main thing to keep in mind when trying to get him back is going to be how you can make him want you back. This article will give you some pointers and tips to help with that very problem.

Language of Desires

You have clearly, if you are reading this article, decided that you want your ex boyfriend back. That is an important step. You are making an effort not to give up on the relationship. That alone proves that there is something there worth fighting for. You focus now should be trying to recognize why the break up occurred in the first place.

You want your ex boyfriend back now how do you do it?

As with anything in life that does not work, there is obviously something wrong with it. You need to evaluate what some of the major problems. Were you around too much and smothering him or were you not there enough and making it boring? Once you can figure out what the main causes of the relationship not working were then you can move forward with a plan, which is super important if you really want your ex boyfriend back.

This is the point where you can chill out and reflect on what your role in the break up was. Also, consider what you may or may not have done leading up to the break up. In reality these are the only things you have control over…at this point anyway. Figure out what these things were and see how they can be improved upon. Once you move into the next phases of a plan having these things figured out will be very valuable ammunition. Once you figure out why he left in the first place then you can focus on the rest of the plan.

Once you figure out what was your fault and what was not your faults then you are ready to really move into action.

If you are really serious and you really want your ex boyfriend back you need a proven strategy. You can also just keep doing what you are doing and push him further away.

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