If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/significant are on the outs, you may want to know how to get your ex back. While this can sometimes be a complicated process, everything will always start with you. One of the first things that you should do is not call your ex. While this may seem like an obstacle to avoid, here is why. Both of you need a cool down period before you can try again. Wait until the emotional hurt has calmed down for a while before you even attempt to talk to your ex.

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Another thing to remember when you need to know how to get your ex back is that you need to work on yourself. If there was a fault that split you up, then work on it and change it for something better. This is sound advice for anyone who has broken up. After the emotional charge has worn off, call your ex. Apologize for whatever you need to. This can indeed soften their hearts towards you once again. Forgiveness is a wonder charm that works. An apology goes a long way towards mending rifts and hearts.

When you want to know how to get your ex back, never threaten anyone or harm to yourself. This is a sure way to close their hearts and minds to you. This is a one way road and will never get you anywhere. So don’t even consider it. They will resent you for it and you won’t get anywhere either. So put that idea in the trash where it belongs. This is definitely not a way to win an ex back either. This is mainly a very childish idea and really doesn’t work. One idea that does work is to better yourself. This can be through study, new haircut, attitude or any of the preceding.

This is a way to make your ex curious. They will come sniffing around once they find out. Also don’t answer their phone calls. Make yourself unavailable to them for a while. This works more often than not. Here is another way on how to get your ex back. Be seen out and about. This will get them curious and they will come around and start asking questions. Nothing invites curiosity like being unavailable. This is a tactic that does work.

When you are learning how to get your ex back, one thing to remember is don’t be too eager in the pursuit of your ex. This really can lead to trouble and a dashing of hopes. You need to give yourselves both time to recover from a breakup. Time sometimes is the best medicine for a wounded heart. However, if you follow these suggestions, you may find that you can renew the spark with your ex. One more tip would be to reminisce with your ex about good times. This can also renew the spark between the two of you. All in all there are many ways to get your ex back and this article cannot cover them all.

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