Wondering is it possible to get my ex back? How can I? Well there’s simple steps you need to take in order for you to get your ex back.

Language of Desires

1. Become a better you- Try to think back on the day you and your ex broke up. Now analyze all your characteristics and what your habits were on a constant basis. Don’t think I’m trying to help change you, all you need to know is was there areas where you could of improved on? If there were that’s the first step that needs to be done.

2. Keeping your space from your ex- Don’t ever try stalking your ex, that is the biggest NO NO. If you stalk your ex then automatically they are going to put you in a category of being “psycho” Let your ex think you want to keep your space and time away until things start to cool down.

3. Avoid texting and calling- For about two to three weeks do not and I mean do not text your ex, even if your trying to give him or her a guilt trip for their fault in the break up. That will just make matters worse.

4. Stay in touch-After the two to three weeks have gone by, now is when you start to take more actions. Shoot a quick, “hey how are you doing” text or something very casual so you don’t make the conversation very akward.

5. Ask to meet up- Once you and your ex are back on good terms, and they don’t have a threat against you, simply ask them the question to meet up and catch up. Tell them you just want to see how they been and that you miss his or her face. Make it seem as a friendly date more then a reunite type of date, so they feel more comfortable.

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Realtionships are tough, We all know that.. Whats harder is break ups. Just cause you have a break up with a ex doesn’t mean you and your werent meant to be together. Don’t lose them you never know what your future could turn to be.

-Jeffrey Henderson