You have determined your boyfriend is worth getting back together with and you want you and your boyfriend to get back together. Perhaps, you are tired of feeling so lost and alone without him by your side. You miss him terribly now that he is gone.

Language of Desires

Consider changing your approach towards him and the relationship if you want you and your boyfriend to get back together. He may have panicked if the relationship moved along to quickly and marriage was on the horizon.

Perhaps he felt lacking in personal space or smothered in the relationship. He may have felt totally out of control of his plans for the future. Maybe, he felt some pressure from you and needed to back away from the relationship.

Regardless of the situation, if you push to hard it can very well become such a situation. When you really want you and your boyfriend to get back together again, you need to keep this in mind.

Men thrive on their independence and do require space now and again. Perhaps he did consider the issues of commitment and marriage and found them appealing. However, then reality set in for him and he felt trapped in the situation. He feels more comfortable when he is in charge and in control of his path and the relationships, he may involve himself in.

When the relationship moves along too quickly he feels out of control. He may not feel ready for commitment or marriage. He may feel lead into a long-term relationship. He may not feel ready for such a relationship with anyone. If he feels that way, he is not ready. Understandably, he will head the other direction if he feels pressured when he is not ready for a long-term relationship.

If he is not ready, he has left the relationship and you want, you and your boyfriend to get back together you have to keep it a secret from him. Do not show him that you are sensitive about the breakup or wanting to get back together. Do not try to force him down that road. Willingly walking that road together is what you want. Let him take the lead. He needs to feel as though it is his idea to choose the direction. When he is ready and he wants too, he will. You cannot fix the problem by forcing it.

Because there is no direction, you are dealing with your breakup. You may consider this the right time to return in that direction, although he may not be anywhere around now.

Be available when he wants to talk, if you are still on a friendly basis. However, do not be too available. Do not be readily available, when he calls. Turn him down the first time he wants to make plans, but ask him for a rain check. He thrives on hunting; allow him to hunt by pursuing you.

Keep in mind that sometimes the things you want the most are those things that are the hardest to get. Let him hunt you. Men most often hunt for those things that are hardest to find. Allow him to go in for the kill and you will both be happy.

When you allow yourself to be the prey, you must be worth hunting. However, do not be so easily caught, especially if you want him to commit to the relationship. Keeping these tips in mind may help you and your boyfriend get back together.

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