Whether it was you or your ex girlfriend who wanted to end your relationship, you may be interested in getting her back. Whether you were the one who messed things up or the break-up resulted from the mistakes of your ex, what is important is to know how you can win back your ex girlfriend.

Language of Desires

In order for you to succeed in your efforts, you need to know how to go about it. Here are some of the things you should bear in mind.

The don’ts

There is quite a long list of the things you should not do if you want to win back your ex girlfriend, but we are going to take a look at just a few common mistakes.

Do not keep calling your ex no matter how great the urge you feel.
Do not send any text message either.
Avoid playing the stalker.
Do not send her a gift at this stage.

You should not try to communicate with your ex girlfriend in any way for a least a couple of weeks. Make a complete break. Let your ex girlfriend spend her days entirely without you in her life in any way. That is when she will realize how it truly feels to be without you.

On your part, you should invest this time in productive activities, some of which we are going to mention below.

Take a pen and paper

No, you are not going to compose a letter to your ex girlfriend. Instead, you will need to make a comprehensive list of your possible mistakes. It is not really difficult to do this.

Think of the comments your ex used to make about you. Do not leave anything out as insignificant. While they may seem so to you, she certainly did not see it in the same way.

You need to be as objective as possible when you are trying to find the possible areas of conflict.

Make necessary corrections

Once you have determined the things that used to irritate your ex girlfriend, you should make conscious effort to make necessary adjustments. This does not mean that you will be changing who you are, but just making yourself better.

When you want to win back your ex girlfriend, you should not promise her that you are going to change. Make the corrections first and then approach her.

Learn to apologize

Many guys find it difficult to apologize to their girls even when they know they are in the wrong. You should instead use the power of a sincere apology to win back your ex.

Your apology should not only be sincere but also specific. A mere “I’m sorry” will not do. In addition, avoid any justification when you apologize.

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