“I want my ex back!” is the cry of every woman who has gone through a broken heart but has remained true and loyal despite the circumstance. For every ex girlfriend wishing to patch things up with their ex boyfriend, here’s what you can do:

Language of Desires

1. Discern the reasons of the breakup

The reason that you broke up might be because you caught him cheating on you but is this really the problem? Why do you think this happened? Sometimes, simple things aren’t really simple and things aren’t what they seem. Find out the reason behind his act and his motivation for doing so. Perhaps there was neglect on your part or there was something he needed that you failed to give which he looked and found somewhere else. It helps to realize the real cause of a breakup so you can do something about it and learn from it and hopefully use it to get your ex back.

2. Give him space

A breakup is always painful for both parties. You both need time to think through and some time to heal. But if you give him too much space, this space might be filled by someone else. So, the best thing to do is to be available as a friend, without any strings attached, so you can still stay in the picture without smothering your ex.

3. Purge sarcasm and anger

Feeling angry and hurt is normal but bad-mouthing and saying spiteful things about your ex isn’t. It’s impossible for your ex to say, “I want my ex back” if you are constantly ruining his image to his friends and yours. You might be doing this to hurt him and make him look bad in front of others. The truth is, the only one that looks bad to them is you. So you need to swallow your pride and purge yourself of all the negative feelings. Once your ex sees that you’re taking the breakup pretty well, he might just see you in a different light.

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