Out of all the suggestions on how to have a girlfriend, which one does really work? If you have been single for too long and are looking to be with someone for keeps, you will need the right strategies to first get a girl to notice you, and eventually to fall for you. Now, the moment you spot your girl, read on these few things to help:

Language of Desires

1. Talk with your body.

Even though girls like to talk more than listen, they actually take precious time observing your habits and behaviors. Your body language is one important factor in getting for yourself a girlfriend. Take note that your actions must be showy of your interest in her and be sure that your moves are done with confidence and politeness. Always do eye contact. And when she’s talking, you got to lean forward to show your interest. These little things are the first step to getting any girl’s attention. In case you just met her, discover the way to give the perfect 1st impression and start an interesting conversation at how to start a conversation with a girl.

2. Flirt away.

If you’re a funny guy, your jokes could be a great way to lead in to flirting. Practice flirting harmlessly by learning how to compliment girls. Compliments and flattery always go a long way. It shows a girl you are trying to make a connection in a fun and flirty way. This could also prove that you are a good-natured person. See smart ways to do that at how to flirt with women.

3. Don’t be afraid to touch.

A little tap on the back of her hand, your arm lightly around her shoulder or pulling back a strand of hair from her face are all great ways you can break the touch barrier. These gestures prepare you well for the future in cases where she starts liking you back. Your light touches will send a signal to her brain that awakens feelings of passion. 

4. Revive the macho man in you.

Others may see this as not so good a tip but women always like to depend on strong men to lead them. These days, the caring, sappy man is not able to find attention from ladies because they are all busy flirting like crazy with a guy who isn’t spending his day flirting back. The more appealing you will be when you show little desperation.

5. Prove you have both wit and compassion.

For a brain, you must be interested in current events and like to talk about sensible topics. Never talk about guy stuff when you know she cannot connect with the conversation. Talk about something that she is also interested in so you can both be the smart ones. Showing that you have a heart could then come easy. Just don’t do something ill-mannered. Pull out chairs for her and make sure that you open doors for her. Take note that being a gentleman does not make you any less macho in her eyes.

These are some tips on getting a girlfriend. And they have really worked for those who know how to keep these balanced.

Have a girl in mind but she does not even know that you are exist? See how to get her attention on get a girl to notice you. Make sure you convey alpha male personality to ensure her that you aren’t just another sappy man.

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